Bumps & Babies

bumps and babies workshop

Teaching Bumps & Babies Together

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Date: Tue 18 Jan

Time: 1300-1500 GMT

Venue: Zoom

Cost: £40

Praise for Gabi's workshops

"A wonderful & informative workshop with plenty to discuss & learn for everyone 

Sam Dyllon

"This course is exceptional. From the very beginning of the class, Gabi creates a safe and inviting space for yoga teachers to come together for the purposes of collaboration, education, and affirmation... So grateful for this course!"

Francie Taylor

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Do you teach pregnancy and postnatal yoga and would like to find a way to bring these two classes together? Would you love to find a way to teach the whole perinatal period so parents and carers can bring their babies and toddlers with them?
We need a totally different toolset to teach classes that include pregnancy, postnatal, babies, new parents and other care givers together. When babies begin to crawl class dynamics change completely in postnatal classes.  This can be a time when we need to be most adaptable in our teaching and classes can be at their most challenging but can also be great fun!  Offering classes that have the flexibility to include pregnancy, postnatal & toddlers is a lifeline to parents juggling commitments and looking for a yoga class that supports their needs and those of their children.
This workshop will cover:
  • Sequencing a class that is safe for both pregnant and postnatal clients together
  • Welcoming other parents and carers who haven't given birth in classes that are typically aimed at pregnant and postnatal clients
  • Managing the dynamics of having babies and children in a class and how to keep them engaged
  • Giving individual support to clients in a group setting with a wide variety of abilities and experiences
  • Offering multiple options in a class to support clients at different stages of their parenthood journey
  • Options that have been tried and tested for teaching both in person and online together
  • Maintaining your client relationships through the perinatal period and parenthood
  • Successfully marketing your bumps & babies class
Gabi's weekly Bumps and Babies yoga class in Brighton welcomes pregnant clients, postnatal clients, new parents and carers, babies and young children to practice yoga together both in person and online! These classes can be a bit noisy and chaotic, but they are also a beautiful community experience where parents and carers can share all the highs and lows of their parenting journey.
Join Gabi for this 2 hour CPD and receive certification from Yoga Teachers Forum.

About the facilitator - Gabi Parkham

Gabi has been practicing yoga since childhood and teaching for over 7 years. With a background in Musical Theatre, Gabi has run her "Voice and the Yoga Teacher" workshop for yoga teachers all around the world (through the power of zoom!).

Her perinatal & postnatal classes are a celebration of community in practice both online and in person.

Since coming out as bisexual aged 18, Gabi has been an active LGBT+ equity educator and consultant; leading LGBT+ trainings in schools, youth movements, for perinatal professionals, and for civil servants. In 2018 Gabi co-founded Laviot (www.laviot.org), a social and supportive community for LGBT+ Jewish women and non-binary people.

Gabi is passionate about finding equity and justice through yoga and making as many yoga classes as possible safer spaces for LGBT+ people. Yoga should be a space free from assumptions, micro aggressions, and discrimination.