Cathy Underwood

Teacher Profile - Cathy Underwood:

Founder of Cathy Underwood Yoga and Yoga4mums, IMTYoga Course Director, Yoga and movement therapist

Cathy is a registered senior yoga teacher trainer with the Yoga Alliance Professionals UK and is currently studying yoga therapy, neuroscience and psychiatry with The Minded Institute.

With a wealth of experience teaching for special groups, Cathy's clients include The Priory Hospital, Rhodes recovery unit, Ambitious about Autism, The TreeHouse School and a variety of supported care homes.

She is the recipient of five business awards including The Barclays Innovative Business of the Year Award and is a Female Founder Ambassador, in conjunction with Enterprise Enfield and JPMorgan, supporting women in business.

Cathy is proof that you can create a sustainable yoga business that gives back to the community.

For business mentorship opportunities with Cathy please contact with as much detail as possible about what you need.


Cathy Underwood

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