Teaching Chair Yoga: Restricted Movement

Teaching Chair Yoga

Teaching Chair Yoga to People with Restricted Mobility

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Great experience...gave a lot of options to work with.Fun and informative, I can’t wait to start teaching chair yoga.

Philippe Lourdjane, Attendee "Teaching Chair Yoga: Restricted Mobility" Feb 2021

Richard Kravetz ...fantastic and he generously shared a wealth of his knowledge and experience through both practical work and Q&A discussion at the end. If you are remotely interested and curious about the use of chair yoga and breadth of it's benefits then this is a must! (for personal use or as a facilitator). He's all about making yoga accessible for EVERYONE and his passion is infectious. Thanks Richard!

Katt Wright, Attendee "Teaching Chair Yoga: Restricted Mobility" Feb 2021




This course is open to all, including those who do not teach yoga professionally. Regular attendees of this course include but are not limited to:

• Special needs teachers

• parents

• practitioners

• Yoga teachers

• Care professionals

• Anyone interested

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Course Outline: Online Course You Can Take In Your Own Time

This course will look at teaching chair yoga to people with restricted mobility.  Richard will give you access to 40+ chair yoga options you can share with your students.

Empower yourself with the skillset to provide adults who are less mobile an opportunity to participate in traditional yoga classes.

Chair Yoga will give you with the tools to guide the elderly or less-abled towards maintaining a degree of mobility through movement and to allow a sense of well-being through the yoga practice.

This course will focus on a variety of sitting Chair stretches and movements for people  with reduced mobility or physical  restrictions which may include the Elderly, Dementia, Stroke, MS, ME and a host of conditions related to ageing such as high blood pressure, arthritis, anxiety, depression and chronic pain. We will discuss lesson planning, structure and adaptations with opportunity to interact and ask questions.

Become a Chair Yoga Teacher:

  • You will become increasingly confident in making a difference to the lives of those who experience difficulty taking part in traditional yoga classes
  • Your knowledge in creating the optimum environment for classes to become engaging, interactive and supportive will evolve
  • You will also learn anti-rheumatic methods to help release tension in the limbs and joints
  • By the end of this morning you will have learned how to structure and plan an yoga session for adults with physical restrictions
  • You will learn skills you can implement in both a one to one and group setting
  • You will discover how to use various props to enhance the learning experience
  • You will learn skills to help empower a less mobile person to use yoga to become physically, emotionally and psychologically stronger

Teaching Style

Practical solutions to demonstrate how movements and postures can be adjusted and used to become accessible for students who are elderly or less-abled are the primary focus throughout the training. The course tutor will frequently engage you in an experiential series of coordinated sequences.

Course Certification

Your success in completing the ‘Chair Yoga’ course will be celebrated with a Yoga Teachers Forum 2.5 CPD points. 

Once payment has been made you will have life time access to this training.

This training is for your personal use only and is not to be shared.


Teaching Chair Yoga

About the facilitator:

Richard Kravetz has been teaching Yoga for over 15 years to adults, children and people with special needs. He holds a BWY Diploma for teaching adults and children and served as County Rep for North London & City 2005-13.

His interest in Special Needs originated when his second child was born with Global Developmental Delay and he currently teaches at Day Centres, Special Schools and residential homes. Richard’s training enables practitioners to deliver yoga therapy to the wider population and help facilitate yoga for Special Needs.