Mother & Daughter Circles

Integrating Mothers in Tween Yoga & Mindfulness Circles

Integrating Mothers in Tween Yoga & Mindfulness Circles

for Yoga Teachers & Therapists

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Dates: Sun 21 & 28 Nov 2021

Time: 1000-1230 GMT

Venue: Zoom

Cost: £80

"Elena is a wonderful creative teacher so passionate about empowering tween girls to learn about and be in their body and be assertive. Accepting all emotions and to be creative such valuable knowledge to pass onto tween girls."

Lucy Lock, Attendee, Creating Yoga, Mindfulness & Coming of Age Circles for Tween Girls


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Course Outline:

Would you like to create a space for mothers to connect with each other in a safe space so they feel more able to support their tween daughters?  Would you like to be able to dispel and unpick taboos around menstruality that mothers might have and promote a period positive culture between them and their daughters/families? Would you like to acquire techniques to help build and enhance the lines of communication and bonding between mothers and daughters to promote solace and relaxation?

Learn how to run: Mothers Circles & Circles of Mothers & Daughters

In this training you will discover how to:

  • Create and reinforce a positive menstrual and matrilineal culture between Mothers & Girls through circling together
  • Repair possible fractures and cracks appearing at this tricky time of separation and individuation in the Mother-Daughter relationship by providing a quality-time-conducive space
  • Foster physical enjoyment, fun time, and closeness between them
  • Encourage deep listening, dialogue and share conflict resolution techniques by Nonviolent Communication and Tich Nath Hahn.
  • Create opportunities for healing and space
  • Use Yoga to enhance well-being and self -care and promote a culture of rest during the bleed

By the end of this training you will have the tools to:

  • Enable mothers to spend quality time with their daughters in a neutral space
  • Offer a Red Tent and holistic experience for the mothers to share, normalize and validate their mothering experiences at this time through listening to other women’s experiences.
  • Offer a non-judgemental space for the mothers to share any issues that might be troubling them
  • Give the mother’s an experience of deep rest & full relaxation through Yoga relaxation practices
  • Offer a creative vision of their menstrual and life circling through Menstrual Cycle Awareness
  • Offer a new perspective on the peri/menopause and menarche phases and their challenges

By the end of this training you will have an arsenal of different creative and wellbeing tools which will engage and include mothers productively in girls circles.  All the materials in this training will be available after the live zoom sessions for life time access and the sessions will be recorded for your personal use.  It is highly recommend that you attend both of the sessions live if possible.

"I learned that all emotions are valuable allies and find ways to care for and release my feelings. I develop friendship skills, accept & celebrate the changes taking place in my body & learn to develop my physical strength & flexibility through yoga”. Attendee Tween Yoga with Elena

* this training is also suitable for sharing circles with other female primary carers.

About the facilitator: Elena Riu

Elena Riu is the founder of Yoga, Buds, Yoga Blossoms & Yoga Flowers Coming of Age Circles for Girls.  She also facilitates Mothers for Daughters Circles for the mothers of tween girls.  She is a certified facilitator for Celebration Days for Girls, a comprehensive training in all things Periods specifically for girsl aged 10-12 years and their mothers devised by Jane Bennett.  She is has certification in Mentoring Girls Circles with JOYW.  She is a certified Childrens and Teens Yoga & Mindfulness Teacher and Mindfulness Trainer through Titch Nath Hahn.  She originally trained with British Wheel of Yoga and has also undertaken comprehensive training in Yoga for Women's Health with Uma Dinsmore Tuli.  Elena runs trainings for yoga teachers and therapists in teaching yoga, mindfulness & holding circles for tween girls and their mothers.