February Mentoring with Jane and Julia

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February Mentoring Session with Jane Dancey & Julia Davis

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Date: Wed 9 Feb 2022

Time: 1230-1430 GMT (UK Time)

Venue: Zoom

Cost: £38

Feedback from training with Jane & Julia:

"I thoroughly enjoyed this training. There were several opportunities to share with the other students, which bonded the group. Thank you xx"

Kate Coulson, Attendee, Perimenopause Training June 2021

" Thank you for it all!!!!"

Brenda Rock, Attendee, Perimenopause Training June 2021

"..the 6 week perimenopause course gives great insight mentally, physically and spiritually .... I would recommend the supportive teachings of Jane and Julia to all women."

Heidi Lawton, Attendee, Perimenopause Training June 2021

"I got lot of info and ideas, complementing my own life and also work. Earlier in spring I had planned to put together an online course on perimenopause and have now lots of new ideas and deeper approach."

Katri Ristal, Attendee, Perimenopause Training June 2021



"I was surprised and delighted by how much practice we did - loved the embodiment bits, they are so powerful and revealing. Both leaders are wonderfully empathetic, kind and successfully created a safe space. I find talking about personal stuff on zoom challenging (far harder than in person), yet I felt at ease and suitably supported to do so. Thanks both. ♥️🙏" J.R Attendee, Mentoring with Jane & Julia, January 2022

Course Outline:

As a yoga teacher & movement and breathwork professional would you love to feel:

  • connected and supported
  • sure where to turn with business questions
  • able to deal with the challenges of balancing work & finances with family & friends and self care

Connecting with other teachers has been a lifeline for us and mentoring is the perfect way to create a space for meaningful relationships and space to unravel the challenges of being a sole practitioner.

Mentoring & supervision is integral to so much therapeutic work and we have found that giving ourselves this support has been essential in not reaching burn out - an all too common problem for yoga teachers and therapists like us who choose to hold space for others.

The aim of this group is to provide you with:

  • clarity to realise your aims and objectives as a yoga teacher, therapist or embodiment professional
  • a space where you can address specific concerns about business practice
  • strategies for sustaining your yoga practice & business to prevent burn out
  • the tools for creating the classes that nurture and enhance your experience of teaching and practice

We are inviting you to join this mentoring session to address what is coming up for you as a yoga teacher.  This could range from teaching challenges, balancing work with other commitments, business challenges & difficulties within the class setting.  You may be looking to work in a particular niche.  The session will be embodied and will involve building skills you can take into your working life.  It is a responsive and interactive experience which will also build your own mentoring, listening & embodiment skills.

This group will give you a community you can rely on and support and guidance from two experienced teachers.

Numbers will be capped at 12 to ensure personal attention from both myself and Jane.

Cost - £38. The session will take place on zoom with additional support material.

Please do contact info@yogateachersforum.org if you would like to attend and are experiencing financial hardship.

Mentoring & peer support has made a huge difference to our lives a a yoga teacher.  We look forward to welcoming you into this circle of support.

Julia Davis
Jane Dancey

About the facilitators:

Julia Davis

Julia is a yoga teacher and mentor with over 20 years of experience. Her area of expertise is women’s health - specifically supporting women through menarche - as tweens and teens, fertility, menstrual issues, peri-menopause, menopause and post menopause. She trains yoga teachers so they can safely care for women in their classes and feel comfortable with using appropriate anatomy terms while teaching. Her trainings and classes are open to all. She is also a yoga & menstruality mentor and works with yoga teachers to help them to realise their professional dreams through following their hearts path in a practical and professional way.

Julia is the Founder of Yoga Teachers Forum and is passionate about bringing yoga teachers together to learn, share and support each other. She is an advocate of “listening partnerships” and has found the partnership she has very supportive in her own journey as a mother and sole practitioner.

She teaches in person and online classes at Finchley Yoga

You can contact Julia about training and mentoring opportunities at info@yogateachersforum.org

Jane Dancey

Embodiment Coach, somatic yoga teacher, Rites of Passage facilitator and mum to one teen girl. Supporting women through all stages of life from puberty to menopause and beyond. 

Jane runs The Embodied Female Pelvis Course where she supports women of all ages to cultivate health, vitality and reconnection to this powerful part of themselves. 

She offers workshops, courses and one2one sessions around pleasure, power, purpose and sexuality, coming from a gentle and trauma-informed perspective, using embodied and somatic movement, breathwork and visualization. 

She has 15 years experience of facilitation and yoga teaching.