Jacqueline Rose Gray

Teacher Profile - Jacqueline Rose Gray:

Jacqueline is a wife and mother of five who was multi-taking and juggling life, work, family, responsibilities etc until she discovered Yoga Nashit – Yoga for Women's Health. 

Through her studies and teaching, she has developed a deeper understanding, awareness and connection to her body, how it works and how it naturally changes over time. Using yoga tools and techniques, Jacqueline has found practical ways to create balance and manage expectations despite her very busy life. 

Her mission now is to support and empower women to improve their own health and well-being. She is passionate about changing the way women understand and experience their menopause journey and supports them to navigate this time of life with ease, joy and confidence. 

Jacqueline qualified as a Yoga for Pregnancy Instructor at the Wingate Institute in 2014. She qualified as a Yoga Nashit Instructor in 2017 with Mira Atzi-Padan (founder of Yoga Nashit). Most recently, in 2019, she qualified as a Therapeutic Yoga Instructor at Campus Broshim School of Integrative Medicine, Tel Aviv University.

You can connect with Jacqueline on Facebook (theyogaroom120), Instagram (@theyogaroom120) and at her website(www.theyogaroom120.com). If you would like to a supportive, informative and safe space to join other women on their menopause journey, Jacqueline invites you to join her The Menopause Sisterhood facebook group.

Jacqueline moved to Israel from London, England in 1998. She now lives in Modiin with her husband and five children. 




Current Courses with Jacqueline Gray Rose:

PCOS for Yoga Teachers & Therapists 2 Hour CPD

Date: Wed 12 May 2021

Time: 1000-1200 BST (UK Time)

Cost: £30

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Date: Sun 13 June 2021

Time: 0930-1230

Cost: £45

Feedback from training with Jacqueline:


"Really great & informative workshop... Jacqueline delivered all her content with humour, was very personable & made learning both interesting & upbeat!"

Sophie Darling, Attendee, Understanding Hormones



"An empowering and insightful workshop. Thank you Jacqueline Rose for enlightening us on how to understand our hormones."

Daphne Vanden Borre, Attendee, Understanding Hormones