Julia Davis

Teacher Profile - Julia Davis:

Julia is a yoga teacher and mentor. Her area of expertise is women’s health - specifically supporting women through menarche - as tweens and teens, fertility, menstrual issues, peri-menopause, menopause and post menopause. She trains yoga teachers so they can safely care for women in their classes and feel comfortable with using appropriate anatomy terms while teaching. Her trainings and classes are open to all. She is also a yoga & menstruality mentor and works with yoga teachers to help them to realise their professional dreams through following their hearts path in a practical and professional way.

Julia is the Founder of Yoga Teachers Forum and is passionate about bringing yoga teachers together to learn, share and support each other. She is an advocate of “listening partnerships” and has found the partnership she has very supportive in her own journey as a mother and sole practitioner.

She teaches in person and online classes at www.finchleyyoga.com 

You can contact Julia about training and mentoring opportunities at info@yogateachersforum.org

Hear Julia Talk on From the Heart Podcast  HERE


Current Courses with Julia Davis:

Menstrual Cycle Therapeutics & Perimenopause Yoga Summer Programme - Start date 1st August - online programme with support from Julia Davis & Jane Dancey You Can Take In Your Own Time

Perimenopause Yoga - 6 Week Course - Wednesdays from 15 September