Kate Codrington

Teacher Profile - Kate Codrington:

Kate is a menstrual and menopause mentor, a writer and facilitator and has been a therapist for more than 25 years. She has featured in Time Out, The Evening Standard, the London Metro and written for wellbeing publications including Well Doing, Juno Magazine, Counsellors Cafe, Mind Body Green, Rebelle Society and Massage Magazine.

She studied Biodynamic Psychotherapy with Gerda Boyesen, working both in private practice and with women affected by HIV and AIDS. She is also trained in Body Psychotherapy, Pregnancy Massage with Shiatsu, Abdominal-Sacral massage and Fertility Massage and is a member of the ABMT (Association of  Biodynamic Massage Therapists).

More recently she has trained in Womb Yoga with Uma Dinsmore-Tuli, in Menstruality with Red School. Kate was the first person in the world to graduate as a Medicine Circle facilitator and is one of the most experienced practitioners of the method. Now, in partnership with Leora , she runs Woman Kind retreats, facilitating virtual and real-life retreats for groups of menstruating and menopausal women and therapists to build more kindness into their lives. 

She’s a long-time yoga student currently enjoying Scaravelli inspired classes with teachers including Catherine Annis and John Stirk.

Her mission is to change the way we regard menopause and show how we can relax into our own, inner authority through our cyclical nature and menopause process. https://www.katecodrington.co.uk/kate-codrington-about/

Current Courses with Kate Codrington:

Understanding Menopause - for Yoga Teachers & Therapists - Wed 14 Oct 2020

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