Embodied Nonviolent Communication: For Grief



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Dates: 16 July

Time: 1.00-4.00pm

Venue: Online via Zoom

Cost: £40.00

Watch Interview: Julia Davis interviews Ron de Brito about Embodied Nonviolent Communication


Course Outline:

We all experience situations when things don’t go the way we wanted - and our reactions to this include all kinds of fears, irritation, frustration, sadness, disappointment, anger. These are some difficult feelings and we really want to be properly heard and tell someone how we’re feeling, yet our culture uses harsher styles. It can be so frustrating to find ourselves in a challenging situation, where we want to state our intentions clearly and get some understanding. How can we communicate from the heart in times of challenge?

This workshop will offer Nonviolent Communication for:

  • Connecting with yourself in a heartfelt way (in body and mind)
  • Expressing your truth clearly
  • Listening with empathy

Here, we’ll explore how to have easier, honest conversations about important subjects, where we can speak without criticism, blame or judgement – when we’re caring about other's values, not fighting about “who’s right.”

This workshop will give you simple tools you can practise, which will powerfully change the way you interact with others. You’ll feel in charge, more yourself and able to act according to your values. You’ll enhance your relationships with those around you.

About the facilitator:

Ron de Brito of Essence Transformation Coaching & Training

Ron is an experienced Empowerment and Compassion Coach, Certified Embodied Facilitator and Mediator. She holds Ron’s Rich Conversations, Practice Groups, Trainings and Mediation in Compassionate Communication, based on the work of Marshall Rosenberg’s NVC. She coaches people to discover their own essential strengths and transform their fears and worries into self-compassion and the courage to change. 

Ron is passionate about sharing loving, compassionate ways to connect, with our own selves and with other people, by consciously linking the mind and the body. She wants to wake up love, kindness and beauty in everything we experience during our days and bring our full potential into aliveness.