Perimenopause Yoga Trainings

"Jane and Julia have created something very special here. The practices they share are rich, diverse and supportive and they provide a container to explore the many different things we may experience as we make this life stage transition."

Jane Dancey & Julia Davis have created post graduate support and training for perimenopause.  We offer different levels of training to suit your needs.

Schedule of Trainings:

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Summer Term 2022

Perimenopause 9 Week Training May-June 2022 - SOLD OUT

Online Self-Study Module: Preparing for Perimenopause - this course is 100% pre-recorded so you can access the content in your own time with the opportunity to connect with other teachers and the course leaders within the online community.  Your course leaders will be available to open discussion and offer feedback on your work throughout the training.

Autumn 2022

Perimenopause 6 Week Training Sept-Oct  - this live training begins on Monday 19 Sept 1230-1430 weekly training on Mondays and class on Wednesdays at 1230-1330 (the Wednesday class will also be recorded if you can't attend live). Full support material and weekly homework.


  1. Julia shares her presentation from "Menopause Symposium 2022"
  2. Jane shares her presentation from "Menopause Symposium 2022"

Testimonials from Perimenopause Yoga Graduates

"I have really enjoyed the peri-menopause teacher training. It was well presented and was full to the brim of knowledge and practices that I can use myself in the coming years and I look forward to being able to share with other women in my community. I liked the mix of styles that Jane and Julia both brought. ...Janes's Embodied Yoga Principles background brought a totally fresh element to the learning for me. It has been great - thank you."

Vicki Greer, Attendee, Perimenopause Training Jan/Feb 2022

"The course exceeded my expectations! It provided theory, different models of the perimenopause and beyond, movement and breath practices, poetry and different readings and articles related to Peri-menopause and Menopause . As participants we shared our ideas through the discussion forum, sharings and practices in the sessions which was also hugely valuable. Jane and Julia led the group with sensitivity and enthusiasm, allowing there to be space for our contributions. Thank you so much."

Rebecca Paterson, Attendee Perimenopause Training, Oct-Nov 2021

"A superbly well put together training course with the perfect balance of practice, theory and group conversation. Way and above exceeded my expectations and has offered me a radically different way to view my own experience of the perimenopause and as a result, a different lens to offer to those that I work with.  I really apprecaited being able to attend a weekly class, that was just a huge bonus that I found so nourishing and supportive. To receive the practice, to step out of the head of the student and to be nourished and cared for in that way, for me was profoundly transformative. It allowed the content to land in a way that no one has ever managed to date. Seeing my self care as being a seasonal process is life changing, I knew this of course, and had been taught it before, but somehow it did not land in a way that I felt able to embody it."
Charlotte Douglas, Attendee Perimenopause Training, Oct-Nov 2021

"I thoroughly enjoyed this training. Jane and Julia ran a tight ship, so all content was covered. There were several opportunities to share with the other students, which bonded the group. The extra resources were exceptional, and all were available after the course, as were the tutors. All the students felt very supported and well informed. Thank you xx"

Kate Coulson, Attendee, Perimenopause Training June 2021

"The class on a Monday was a great way to start the week and set the tone. The online platform is a great way to navigate everything and not get distracted. Thank you for it all!!!!"

Brenda Rock, Attendee, Perimenopause Training June 2021

"..the 6 week perimenopause course gives great insight mentally, physically and spiritually .... I would recommend the supportive teachings of Jane and Julia to all women."

Heidi Lawton, Attendee, Perimenopause Training June 2021



Perimenopause and The Pelvis

Date: Tue 13 Sept

Time: 1230-1430 BST


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Prepare for Perimenopause

Start Date: 1st August - This is an online recorded training you can take in your own time - Julia & Jane will be on hand to answer your questions throughout


Perimenopause Yoga: For Yoga Teachers & Therapists

Course Dates: Mon 19, 26 Sept 3, 10, 17 Oct (24 Oct Intergration Wk) 31 Oct   Time: 1230-1430 BST (UK Time) 


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Teaching Yoga for Cancer Induced Menopause

Date: Thu 15 Sept 2022  Time: 1130-1430 BST (UK Time)

Cost: £45 - including session recording ands support material


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