The Sound of Sanskrit

taster workshop

The Sound of Sanskrit: The Language of Yoga for Yoga Teachers

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Date: Sun 23 May

Time: 1000-1300 BST  (UK Time)

Venue: Online via Zoom

Cost: £45



Lucy Crisfield is simply the best, most authentic, intelligent and accomplished teacher of yoga philosophy, Sanskrit and mantra that I have never encountered. My search for the perfect teacher is now over because I have found Lucy! Look no further, she is the best there is.
Uma Dinsmore-Tuli 


"Lucy’s passion for the topic is infectious. It's a rare opportunity to meet a teacher like Lucy and I'm very grateful for having had a chance to be taught by her!”
 Dominika Sieradzka


"Sounds of Sanskrit is a journey into a language of poetry and love."
JJ Middleway


“... the impact of the Sanskrit sounds has been quite fascinating and profound. I felt very held within the space you create, so thank you for sharing your magical wisdom.”
 Rebecca Fox




Course Outline:

Would you like to practice mantra with confidence?  Would you like to feel confident sharing sound practices in classes and workshops?

Sound is the most profound medium through which to effect spiritual transformation.  It is integral to understanding and experiencing yoga philosophy. Would you like to connect to a deeper immersion into mantrah.  This workshop will gift you an immersive experience where you will practice the sound of sanskrit through:

  • the yoga sūtra
  • the śiva sūtra 
  • the 16 divine mothers
  • how to pronounce the bīja mantraḥ
  • the true significance of the mystical sound oṁ
Deepen your connection with the path of yoga through an immersion into the gāyatrī mantraḥ like you have never experienced before!

About the Sanskrit language

Sanskrit is the language of ancient India, the mother of English, and the langauge in which all the yogic texts were composed. Fabled for its mystical power, each letter holds a unique resonance. Feel this resonance for yourself by learning how to correctly pronouce these letters.

The study of the Sanskrit language is in itself a spiritual discipline. Our mind tends to be only as free as the language in which it is has been moulded by. Engaging with the Sanskrit language has the capacity to allow a wisdom and a knowing outside of our normal thinking processes to arise within us.

The Sanskrit language is an aid to:

  • Understanding in depth the wisdom of the Upanishads and the Yoga Sutras- Understanding spiritual concepts which are not capable of accurate expression in English
  • Purifying the mind through sound
  • Understanding the laws of creation
  • Learning sound meditations effective in tuning the mind so that it becomes a suitable vehicle for self-realisation
  • Learning much of the value about one’s own language

This event will take place via zoom and recorded for life time access.



About the facilitator:

Lucy Crisfield is a speaker at the World Yoga Festival, a plenary speaker at the British Wheel of Yoga Festival and the founder of ‘Original Wisdom’. Original Wisdom is a pathway for those wanting to experience the inner teachings of mantra and yoga philosophy for themselves through an immersion into sound, meditation and scholarly precision. It is the labour of love of a Sanskrit journeyer, of someone who was ‘got’ by a need to know the inner teachings of yoga, ‘the word’ and sound.


Lucy was awarded the highest grant ever given by the National Coalition of Independent Scholars to write a book, ‘The Sounds of Sanskrit ~ The Language of Yoga’ and has recently released an album with the same title. This healing treasury of sounds charts her journey from learning the traditional chanting of the yajur veda with the Krishnamacarya Yoga Mandiram, to the beginnings of her deeper enquiries into this language as she spent five years studying with a 40th generation Sanskrit teacher from a Sanskrit speaking village in India. After then studying the work of Pāṇini, perhaps the greatest grammarian ever to have lived, she finally found the master of sound she was looking for, the late Peterji Harrison, who initiated her into the advaita vedanta tradition.


Chanting the yoga sūtra and the veda with Lucy is a multi-dimensional meditative healing experience: feel the sounds resonate through your physical body, sense how the rhythmic tonal shifts directly effect your energy body through your breath, and become aware of the effortless concentration of the mental faculty. Allow for the sounds to empower you to drop deep into the intuitive wisdom of your own heart. And then savour the effects of the practice in the profound silence which follows.