Healing Fatigue with Sound

Healing Fatigue with Sound

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Dates: Thu Oct 13 & 20 

Time: 1330-1500 BST (UK Time)

Cost:  £50

"...it was perfect pace and love this way of learning"

Samantha Patchell, Attendee Training with Sarah Ryan March 2021

"A very enjoyable and informative course. I learned a lot and found it really interesting. I will definitely be able to use the knowledge and techniques for myself and for clients."

Emma Taylor, Attendee Training with Sarah Ryan March 2021


Course Outline:

Sarah will take you through how mantra can be used as a therapeutic tool for people who are experiencing fatigue.

You will discover:

  • The meaning of mantra within the context of yoga
  • How this important tool can be used with the fatigue community
  • A variety of different techniques for using mantra and how it can benefit your students
  • Where the use of mantra is appropriate to use and where it would not

This training is practical and you will have the opportunity not only to learn when and how you would use mantra in your teaching but also to practice a variety of mantra yourself.   You will leave the workshop equipped with an understanding of how mantra can be used to help people experiencing fatigue - whether due to Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Long Covid, Menopause or for any other reason.

This training will take place live on zoom and be recorded and you will have the opportunity to practice and ask questions that will be addressed in the second session.

Please be aware that although practices shared have been helpful to people experiencing Fatigue Sarah is a yoga professionals and not a doctor.

sarah and wind

Sarah Ryan is a yoga student, teacher, trainer and therapist in the Viniyoga Tradition. She has been passionate about yoga for over 50 years, and has been in the Viniyoga tradition since 1987, when she started to study with Paul Harvey. In 2005 she asked Kausthub Desikachar to be her teacher. She was fortunate enough to be able to do the first Viniyoga Therapy course with Kausthub and his father, TKV Desikachar, and she continues to study with Kausthub, both online and in person. She is currently on an Advanced Yoga Therapy course with him. 

She also practises and teaches Vedic Chanting, understanding how well it complements yoga practice. She continues to have regular lessons with Menaka Desikachar.

She teaches a class for people with MS, sees people individually for mentoring and teaching, in her home and online, as well as doing weekly online meditations, and teaching chanting and the beautiful ideas behind yoga practice to groups.