Pregnancy Yoga Teachers Circle

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Title: Pregnancy Yoga Teachers Circle

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Date: Mon 23 Nov

Time: 1000-1200

Venue: Zoom

Cost: £15

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Course Outline:

Join Tessa for a sharing circle with other Pregnancy Yoga Teachers.  It is a chance to share experiences during this second lockdown and feel held in all of the emotions that come up with the uncertainty that not only we face, but our clients too.  Being witnessed and heard is a great salve and an excellent form of self-care when we are holding space for clients in our classes.  Tessa has rich experience of circle holding from facilitating a Red Tent, a women's social circle, for 6 years both in person and online.
Tessa Sanderson

About the facilitator

Tessa has taught Pregnancy Yoga for 15 years and has 12,000+ teaching hours under her belt, including Well Woman and Mother & Baby Yoga, Restorative and Birth Preparation workshops.  She has taught yoga in four diverse cities: London, Southampton, Bristol and Reading. She is the author of Pearls of Birth Wisdom: An Inner Journey with Stories, Insights and Practices.
Tessa is a member of her local Maternity Voices Forum at the Royal Berkshire Hospital and runs the Everything Baby Berkshire network for antenatal and postnatal professionals.  She has a PhD in Medical Sociology and loves using balloons as props in her pregnancy classes.  IG@tessa.venuti.sanderson and @birth_wisdom_pearls