Creating Yoga, Mindfulness & Coming of Age Circles for Girls

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This course includes a significant amount of support material.  It is advisable to give yourself 4 hours per week for training and course work.  All content and material is available to you once the training has been completed.  You will find it in your "learning library"

"Elena is a wonderful creative teacher so passionate about empowering tween girls to learn about and be in their body and be assertive. Accepting all emotions and to be creative such valuable knowledge to pass onto tween girls."

Lucy Lock, Attendee, Creating Yoga, Mindfulness & Coming of Age Circles for Tween Girls

"Highly recommend to any women to better understand herself as daughter as mother as woman."

Katri Ristal, Attendee, Creating Yoga, Mindfulness & Coming of Age Circles for Tween Girls


Course Outline:

Would you love to support girls between the age of 8-12  through yoga & mindfulness?

Would you like to understand how yoga can help girls navigate early puberty?

Yoga & mindfulness address the developmental changes and needs of this delicate transitional stage in a girl's lives.  This course will give you the skills you need to hold space for girls as they explore authentic expression, learn to manage ‘big emotions’, have fun with partner yoga & mindful games. Learn how to create physical practices, visualization & crafts help the growing girls adjust and find their new place in the world.

This course has been designed by Elena Rui following many years of working with tween girls and their parents running regular workshops.

In this training you will discover:

  • How to hold space for girls as they embark upon the puberty journey including menarche (first bleed)
  • Practices involving  props, materials and creativity in your classes
  • How to use mindfulness games to help manage big emotions
  • How to create mandalas and connect to eco-feminism through practice
  • Deep relaxation and visualisation techniques that are suitable for young girls
  • Techniques to help girls adjust to the transitions that will occur eg to secondary school
  • A deep understanding of the connection between the seasons of the year and of the moon can be used as a metaphor for the changes experienced during puberty

By the end of this training you will have:

  • Learned skills to help girls manage their experience of the changes of puberty and periods
  • Discovered how to hold space for girls as they learn how to express their emotions and manage stress
  • Yoga and mindfulness techniques suitable for this age group of children
  • Tools to help girls manage stress, gain body literacy & navigate the significant changes that occur as they embark on their tween & teen rite of passageIf you are unsure about your suitability for this course, or if you have any queries please let us know at

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About the facilitator: Elena Riu

Elena Riu is the founder of Yoga, Buds, Yoga Blossoms & Yoga Flowers Coming of Age Circles for Girls.  She also facilitates Mothers for Daughters Circles for the mothers of tween girls.  She is a certified facilitator for Celebration Days for Girls, a comprehensive training in all things Periods specifically for girsl aged 10-12 years and their mothers devised by Jane Bennett.  She is has certification in Mentoring Girls Circles with JOYW.  She is a certified Childrens and Teens Yoga & Mindfulness Teacher and Mindfulness Trainer through Titch Nath Hahn.  She originally trained with British Wheel of Yoga and has also undertaken comprehensive training in Yoga for Women's Health with Uma Dinsmore Tuli.  Elena runs trainings for yoga teachers and therapists in teaching yoga, mindfulness & holding circles for tween girls and their mothers.