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Yoga Nidra & Circle Holding: 8 Week Facilitator Training

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8 Week CPD/CE Course - 30 hours CPD/CE training.

Dates: Monday 25 April, 2 May Project Week, 9, 16, 23 May, 30 May Integration Week, 6, 13 June 2022

Time: 1230-1430 BST (UK Time)

Venue: Zoom

Cost:  £295 Early Bird Book by 28 Feb 2022 (Full Price £345)

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Feedback from Tessa & Julia's Yoga Nidra:

"I look forward to the yoga nidras in Tessa's classes as they are a real chance to rest & allow the mind to switch off. Just like drinking water when you are thirsty, taking time out for relaxation when you are frazzled is a welcome refreshment & helps bring back some balance to the day or week. Sometimes I am there on the journey, other times I drift off and am in a dreamy state until there is a gentle sound bringing me back to gentle awake. Tessa's explanation at the beginning that we will listen to what we need to is good because you don't feel - "Oh, I fell asleep & I missed it", rather, "Ah, I fell into a deliciously dreamy state - I really needed that!" Also, if she says there will be a sound to listen out for at the end helps too as somehow I have tuned into it."
Sarah Crowther
"Thank you Julia,  so much for this morning's class.  I particularly enjoyed the relaxation using yoga nidra.  I love the feeling it creates within and how it leaves me feeling relaxed and also energised"
Caroline Lewis

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This course is open to:

  • qualified yoga, pilates and movement teachers
  • midwives, doulas and birth educators
  • hypnotherapists

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"Yoga Nidra is my favourite way to end an invigorating hour and a half of yoga practice. It allows me to integrate a more meditative approach to the physical side of yoga. I have been attending Julia's classes for over two years now and every experience is never the same. Her guided method is natural and organic. She holds space within the circle with an innate talent for creating that balanced flow, and she allows me to reach deeper spaces of meditation that are harder for me to reach on my own. I study shamanic healing and attending this class weekly helps me reconnect to, and maintain that level of self awareness I need in my shamanic training."

Silvia Garau

Unique Practical Training in Yoga Nidra & Circle Holding

This training has been designed for all yoga teachers & therapists to give a strong skill set for sharing yoga nidra in group and one to one settings.

Would you like to become more comfortable leading longer relaxation practices.  Does the idea of teaching a bespoke yoga nidra class appeal to you?

Course Content:

Throughout the course you will learn about the different components of yoga nidra: different body rotations, the use of opposites, sankalpa, hypnotic deepeners, visualisation and how to share them with your students.  You will also learn how to create a held space for your students & sharing and circle holding techniques to grow community.  Each week we will learn a different aspect of yoga nidra practice and take steps to bring it into your community.

You will need:

  • A comfortable space
  • Cushions, bolsters & blankets

Week 1: What is Yoga Nidra?  What do you already know and how can you integrate it into your teaching and practice: Setting Intentions & Purpose - Where and how will you share your yoga nidra?

Week 2: Project week: practice & discovery of various forms of yoga nidra and journalling around personal experience

Week 3: Working with different ways of mapping the body and bringing about a state of calm and ease.  Understanding the liminal state

Week 4: Using opposites & other practices that bring students into a dream state and our role

Week 5: Analysing and using poetry, story, music & sankalpa

Week 6: Integration week - an opportunity to read support material and create your own content

Week 7: Practicing, senses practices, counting practices and visualisation practices and when and where to use them

Week 8: Tailoring your Yoga Nidra to specific groups and creating one to one yoga nidra

You will gain:

  • A clear understanding of how to use voice modulation and language to create an environment conducive to relaxation
  • Yoga Nidra tools and techniques you can use in a group class and one to one settings, in person and via zoom
  • An understanding of what adverse reactions may occur during a deep relaxation practice and how to act when they occur
  • Skills for creating a space that is conducive to deep relaxation
  • Simple practices that can help students to slow their breath and feel more at ease
  • Techniques for sharing in circle before and after practice

By the end of this course you will have:

  • A self created programme of yoga nidra practices to share with your community
  • Shared listening, journaling and space holding skills
  • A portfolio of yoga nidra practices from a variety of practitioners to refer back to and use for your own personal practice
  • The skills to create yoga nidra practices for specific groups 
  • A network of teachers to support your continued journey
  • Circle holding skills you can use in general yoga class, when sharing yoga nidra and in other group settings

This is a small group training so that ample opportunity to ask questions and to create a supportive hub of other yoga teachers.

All Zoom Calls are recorded for participants - 75% live attendance expected

You will be offered the option to work with a listening partner to support your progress.

This 8 week course will give you the time and space to pause and integrate and take practices into your personal practice & teaching each week as you grow your community - we practice in a way that honours the needs and wishes of all teachers present.

You will have time to experience the practices and share the techniques you have learned with a cohort of your peers.  Each week will include practice & home learning tasks.

Feedback for Tessa and Julia:

"Julia developed a personalised yoga nidra practice for me. The session was relaxing, soothing and very positive and I came away feeling calmer, more centred and happier. Julia creates a very safe space in her studio and it is very therapeutic talking with her. After the session I felt like a burden had lifted." Loveday Langton

"Yoga Nidra for me is a perfect way to relax muscles, cultivate conscious relaxation, ease all stress, anxiety and calms down the body into a soothing state. 

It benefited me to release all tension and maintain a balance between body and mind.   Tessa delivers the relaxation process with perfect ease and her voice throughout the exercise helps to heal the body from within. The sound of things like singing bowls and chimes sometimes used also helps in releasing tension and creates a soulful awareness of the surrounding. Thank you."     Samraggi Sarkar

Course Certification

Your success in completing the Yoga Nidra - for Yoga Teachers & Therapists 8 week Training will be celebrated with a Yoga Teachers Forum certificate.  Contact hours: 12.  Total hours 30.

Once you have registered you will be sent enrolment details.

Tessa Sanderson
Julia Davis

About the facilitators:

Tessa Sanderson

Tessa has run online women's circles throughout the lockdowns and this format can work very well, including the use of breakout rooms.  She has been running her women's circles for 7+ years, mostly in person, and girls / mother and daughter circles for 4 years.

She has also taught Pregnancy Yoga for 15 years and has 12,000+ teaching hours under her belt, including Well Woman and Mother & Baby Yoga, Restorative and Birth Preparation workshops.  She has taught yoga in four diverse cities: London, Southampton, Bristol and Reading. She is the author of Pearls of Birth Wisdom: An Inner Journey with Stories, Insights and Practices.

Tessa is a member of her local Maternity Voices Forum at the Royal Berkshire Hospital and runs the Everything Baby Berkshire network for antenatal and postnatal professionals.  She has a PhD in Medical Sociology and loves using balloons as props in her pregnancy classes.  IG@tessa.venuti.sanderson and @birth_wisdom_pearls

Julia Davis

Julia first encountered deep relaxation practices while at university where the yoga she practiced was a combination of gentle movement and yoga nidra.  At this time she also embarked upon Autogenic Training - a clinically recognised form of deep relaxation.  She continued to practice Yoga Nidra in the tradition of Bihar School for a number of years both practicing and sharing deep relaxation practices with students (please do look at Yoni Shakti The Movement for more on Bihar School).  Her experience then broadened to supporting the perinatal community and she continued her learning by training with Uma Dinsmore Tuli and Nirlipta Tuli’s Total Yoga Nidra School.  Her teaching of yoga nidra and deep relaxation is deeply informed by her own experience of chronic illness and the power of yoga nidra to provide therapeutic rest and help with recuperation.  She also shares yoga nidra regularly in group settings, continues to practice and explore in her own life and enjoys co-creating yoga nidra in one to one settings.

She is founder of Yoga Teachers Forum and runs the Perimenopause Training & Mentoring programmes with Jane Dancey.