Perimenopause & The Pelvis for Yoga Teachers

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Perimenopause & The Pelvis

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Date: Tue 13 Sept 

Time: 1230-1430 BST

Venue: Online via Zoom

Cost: £40

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This training can be used for 2 hour CPD training recognised by Yoga Alliance CEP and British Wheel of Yoga and other training organisations.

"I have already recommended this course to some yoga colleagues - I thoroughly enjoyed it and thought it was really well presented and good value for money. I liked the mix of styles that Jane and Julia both brought. Having been trained by Uma Dinsmore-Tuli myself, Julia built on the knowledge I had already got from previous training, while Janes's Embodied Yoga Principles background brought a totally fresh element to the learning for me. It has been great - thank you."

Vicki Greer, Attendee, Perimenopause Training



Course Outline

  • The Perimenopause is a time of great change, vulnerability and transition, not just to our lives but also to our bodies, and the pelvis in particular.It is the time that the menstrual cycle starts to fluctuate and eventually stop and this has implications for women physically as well as psychologically.

    Therefore it is an ideal time to pay attention to this powerful part of the female body, to connect, create awareness and cultivate health and vitality.

    This workshop will give a brief outline and understanding on what can arise with the female pelvis within the time of the perimenopause from a bio/psycho/social lens.

    There will be a trauma-informed movement, visualisation and breathwork practise to explore and suggestions on how to create awareness and content within the yoga setting to accommodate the perimenopausal pelvis.


    By the end of the workshop you will have

    • An understanding of the vulnerabilities of the female pelvis during the perimenopause.
    • A  bio/psycho/social viewpoint on the perimenopause and how it can impact on a woman’s life.
    • A physical experience of how pelvic friendly practises can be brought into yoga practises through movement, breathwork and visualisation.

"I've joined 2 workshops, both on the female pelvis, and I like the way Jane teaches. She makes any notions accessible, information are well organized and broadly discussed giving the group the chance to interact and share ideas. You'll have the opportunity to connect with your body by simple movements and a variety of tools she uses to better understand how the body works and its relation with emotions. If you want something that goes beyond yoga to deepen your knowledge and to give your clients the chance to explore their bodies in different ways, these workshops can be the tools you're looking for." Viola D


Jane Dancey

About the facilitator:

Jane Dancey

Embodiment Coach, Somatic yoga teacher and teacher trainer, Rites of Passage facilitator , Menopause Mentor, Pelvic Health & Wellbeing Coach, and mum to one teen girl. Supporting women through all stages of life from puberty to menopause and beyond.
Jane runs The Embodied Female Pelvis Course where she supports women of all ages to cultivate health, vitality and reconnection to this powerful part of themselves.
She offers workshops, courses and one2one sessions around pleasure, power, purpose and sexuality, coming from a gentle and trauma-informed perspective, using embodied and somatic movement, breathwork and visualization.
She has 15 years experience of facilitation and yoga teaching.