Perimenopause Yoga Workshop

Perimenopause Yoga

Perimenopause Yoga Workshop: For Yoga Teachers & Therapists

Date: Wed 25 Nov

Time: 1300-1600

Venue: ZOOM

Cost: £45


About this workshop:

Would you like to serve your mid-life perimenopausal students by giving them classes that allow them to manage their symptoms and open to the healing possibilities of perimenopause?  Would you like to support both the physical and emotional well-being of your students?

This workshop will give you:

  • a felt experience of the cycles of life from menarche to post menopause
  • confidence to use the vocabulary of the body and perimenopause with your students
  • confidence to share practices to that support the physical changes that occur during perimenopause
  • access to skills that will prepare you to support your students through the emotional challenges of perimenopause
  • access to joyful and empowering practices that can be enjoyed from perimenopause through to second spring

Jane Dancey & Julia Davis have both worked with perimenopausal women for many years.  They both enjoy bringing pleasure into their classes and using yoga as a powerful practice to deconstuct patriarchy.  They welcome all people to this workshop - it is not restricted to women experiencing perimenopause or menopause as they strongly believe that the more people who understand and wish to share practices that allow womxn to fully experience the thresholds of life the better!  They enjoy sharing yoga practices for all phases of a womxn's life from menarche through to second spring.

Jane Dancey
Julia Davis

About Jane Dancey:

Embodiment Coach, somatic yoga teacher, Rites of Passage facilitator and mum to one teen girl. Supporting women through all stages of life from puberty to menopause and beyond. 

Jane runs The Embodied Female Pelvis Course where she supports women of all ages to cultivate health, vitality and reconnection to this powerful part of themselves. 

She offers workshops, courses and one2one sessions around pleasure, power, purpose and sexuality, coming from a gentle and trauma-informed perspective, using embodied and somatic movement, breathwork and visualization. 

She has 15 years experience of facilitation and yoga teaching.


About Julia Davis:

Julia teaches yoga classes, runs workshops and writes about yoga for all stages of a woman's life from menarche through to second spring.   Her approach is informed by her training as a Woman's Health Yoga Therapist & menstruality educator.  She has been teaching yoga for 20 years and has experience supporting women through perimenopause and menopause through nurturing yoga practices, meditation & mindfulness, restorative yoga & yoga nidra.