Mentoring with Julia Davis

Yoga Teacher Mentorship

Contact Julia at or 07961 381 425 to arrange to let me know more about what you are looking support with.  Yes there are prices below - it can be annoying to read through a whole load of blurb before seeing any kind of price, however Yoga Teachers Forum's aim is to be flexible and as supportive as possible in meeting you where you are at - including payment plans and financial hardship discounts so do not let money get in the way of your dreams!

90 minute One to One with Julia Davis.

Three 90 minute One to One sessions with Julia Davis

Contact Julia at or 07961 381 425 to arrange to let me know more about what you are looking support with.

I have juggled teaching yoga, running Yoga Teachers Forum, facilitating women's circles, mentoring yoga teachers, creating training programmes and writing for and editing yoga publications with bringing up my family.  Wearing many hats while building a yoga business has not been an easy ride but it continues to be full of joy and working relationships that have turned into deep and long lasting friendships.

If this speaks to you then get in contact and find out whether you and I are a good fit to work together.  You can call me on 07961 381 425 - or email

I know that picking up the phone is so 1990 but I am nearly 50 and old habits die hard!  I love actually speaking to people and you will often see me with my phone in my hand, and if I have remembered my ear phones in my ears, walking my dog and chatting yoga.  So be brave, pick up the phone and see if I can support your yoga business.

Whether you are looking to introduce one to one teaching to your programme or teach your first workshop these one to one mentorship sessions are designed to give you the tools and confidence to make your next move.  As creator of Yoga Teachers Forum I have worked along side many yoga teachers designing trainings for a wide variety of yoga teachers.  I have mentored yoga teachers taking their first step beyond teaching students.  If you are not sure what your next step could be or would like to have support as you step into a new phase of teaching having a teacher by your side who has over 20 years of experience can make a huge difference.  There is no need to do this alone.  Contact to arrange a 15 minute discovery call or book your one to one 90 minute session today using the booking link above.

Mentoring with Julia Davis is for you if you:

  • Are looking to take the next step towards following your yoga passion
  • Would like to introduce workshops, retreats and niche courses to your offerings
  • Are excited about taking your teaching in a new direction
  • Would love the time and space to create a work life balance that maintains your love for what you do
  • A clear path so you can take the steps you need to move forward in a sustainable way

I am also available to support you in your:

  • Class planning
  • Teaching techniques
  • Issues connected to boundaries, ethics and space holding
  • Creating talking, listening & embodiment circles

My love for yoga teaching has increased over a career spanning 20+ years.  In that time I have gained experience in a wide variety of areas of yoga and have worked with many teachers creating exciting opportunities.  I would love to hear your dreams and help you to realise them.  I am also more than happy to help you get to grips with any niggles or nitty gritty issues you are finding challenging.

Please feel free to contact me to arrange a free 15 minute chat.  Payment plans also available.

Recommended reading: The Yoga Teacher Mentor by Jess Glenny

Essential Information:

Once you have booked your session you will be sent a booking link so you can arrange a suitable time for the session.  You will also receive a questionnaire so that the session can be best tailored to your specific needs.

One to One with Julia Davis.

The equivalent of you teaching two one to one yoga sessions

3 One to One sessions with Julia Davis 

The equivalent of you teaching four one to one yoga sessions

* the training can be used for CPD and CE hours with Yoga Alliance, British Wheel of Yoga and other yoga organisations.

For the full course policies and terms & conditions please click here.


About the facilitator:

Julia Davis

Julia is founder of Yoga Teachers Forum.  She co-created and teaches "Yoga for Perimenopause" & "Yoga Nidra & Circle Holding" for the forum.  She mentors yoga teachers and helps them create the classes and trainings they would love to bring to the wider community and yoga teaching community.  She was introduced to yoga meditation techniques over 20 years ago and has been enjoying a variety of techniques ever since.  Her meditation teaching involves working with the senses and can be enjoyed by both people new to meditation and seasoned practitioners.  Julia also specialises in Women's Health Therapy.   Her influence as wide and varied and she honours all of the teachers & students who have supported and continue to support her on her teaching path.