C-Section Recovery for Yoga Teachers


C-Section Recovery for Yoga Teachers

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Dates: Sun 25 April

Time: 1000-1200 GMT+1  (UK Time)

Venue: Online via Zoom

Cost: £30


"This was so informative and I found it so helpful" Attendee C-Section Recovery

"Amazing...I finally realise what the problem is and that I have been living with it for years" Attendee C-Section Recovery

"I was blown away by the detail (how a c section is actually done!) and it made me understand why my body is still so rounded where it wasn’t after a natural birth first time around." Attendee C-Section Recovery





Course Outline:

As a Yoga teacher myself and having a baby via C-section I became very interested in how to heal and modify my practice for my new body and the experiences I was having. However, when I started looking into it I found very little information. Since then I have worked with many women who have had C-sections.  I feel it’s incredibly important to share the knowledge I have on what yoga practice can help with C-section recovery.


On this 2 hour workshop you will learn

  • what happens during a C-section and how that in itself affects the body
  • How to modify a practice for somone who has experienced a C-section
  • Scar rehabilitation practices
  • Where care needs to be taken
  • What Can and Cannot be done:
  • immediately after,
  • a few months after
  • and years after a C-section


By the end you will have all the knowledge you need to truly help and support post C-section bodies with confidence!

This event will take place via zoom and recorded for life time access.



About the facilitator:

Amy Fergus-Fuller helps women who are post-natal re-engage their pelvic floor, get rid of back pain, re-discover their abs and feel themselves again. She has runs ab rehab courses and c-section specific workshops focusing on healing the scar and helping women and teachers to understand what big differences there are for those women who have had a c-sections.  Amy has trained with many teachers and originally qualified with the British Wheel of Yoga.