Postnatal Rehab Yoga: Facilitator Training 2023

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"Amy obviously has a vast knowledge of this subject & her style of teaching comes across so well. I will be rewatching the training & making some more notes to truly digest everything she covered. Perfect balance of theory & practical. Already used some of her techniques in classes this week. Thank you for a great online course!"

K.A. Yoga Teacher 

Course Outline: Pregnancy Rehab Yoga

Key Information:

7 Week Course - 40 hours CPD/CE training (18 contact hours)

Dates: 12 May - 23 June 2023

Fridays Times: 0930-1230 BST

2 June Integration Week.

Cost:  £425 




This training has been designed for all perinatal birth educators including pre and postnatal yoga, pilates and fitness professionals, midwives, doulas and other birth professionals  to give a strong skill set for post birth rehab yoga in group and one to one settings.

Postnatal yoga can help recovery from prolapse, leaking, back pain, diastasis and scar recovery scar recovery.  Post pregnancy can also be a time when serious problems in later live initiate.  We are beautifully placed to make a huge difference to the health and wellbeing of the postnatal community.  Parent and baby yoga is wonderful and we can support the post natal recovery period in a joyful way with full family involvement.

This training has been created in a way for you to be in a position to influence the physical and mental wellbeing of new families.  Allowing the postnatal community to regain ownership of their new bodies as they never be what they were nor should they be.

I’ve been running programmes like these for years and have seen so many incredible transformations and it is what makes my heart sing.  Through this training you can reach the most vulnerable and need of our postnatal community.

What you’ll gain:

  • A deep knowledge of the postnatal body
  • How to protect the postnatal body while parenting babies (including multiple births)
  • How to put together a programme based on your parents specific needs
  • A practical understanding of working with yoga for postnatal rehab

In this interactive live training (which will be recorded for all) You will:

Week 1 – Understanding the postnatal pelvis.  Why leaking happens and how to rehabilitate.   Analysing and practicing key yoga rehab options - one to one, in group setting and with babies

Week 2 - Understanding the causes of abdominal separation (Diastasis Recti) and how to move towards safe healing

Week 3 – Recognising prolapse and when signposting is required for additional support.  Knowing where the yoga rehab ends and the medical necessity begins

Week 4 - Integration Week - an opportunity to work through homework, ask questions and do addtional reading and practice

Week 5 - Surgery and tearing: c-sections, episiotomy and 4th degree tears.  Understanding how these impact both physically and emotionally and practicing skills that aid recovery and the specific remedies for different stages in the recovery process

Week 6 – Addressing specific back and shoulder issues: breast and bottle feeding concerns, supporting the body to be able to do heavy weight lifting during the post natal period without causing injury, building confidence for parents who wish to run, trampoline and fully immerse themselves in the full physicality of parenthood

Week 7 – Put everything we’ve learnt together to create a postnatal rehab programme that is flexible and can support one to one sessions, group postnatal teaching and parent and baby classes.

By the end of this training you will have learned

  • How to rehab a postnatal body
  • How to support very specific needs 
  • When postnatal yoga is appropriate and when and where to signpost when it is not
  • Methods for taking this knowledge out into your postnatal community

Ample opportunity to ask questions and to create a supportive hub of other postnatal educators.

You will be expected to either attend live or watch recording of all sessions and complete all tasks to receive certification.

Course Certification

Your success in completing the Postnatal Yoga: 6 Week Facilitator training will be celebrated with a Yoga Teachers Forum certificate recognised by major yoga organisations including YAP & BWY.  Total hours 30.

Once you have registered you will be sent enrolment details.

This training is for you if you are a:

  • Yoga Teacher
  • Pilates Teacher
  • Movement Professional
  • Birth Educator
  • Midwive & Doula

Feedback from Amy's Training for Yoga Teachers:

"Amy is a natural presenter, very engaging and has a huge amount of knowledge.   I was really enthused by her explanations of the role of our muscles in breathing and how using the muscles correctly strengthened our body."

Margaret Sorah, Yoga Teacher

"This is a really interesting training workshop which combines fascinating anatomy and useful exercises which can be integrated into a class, or applied specifically to someone wanting to understand more about their knee issues. The tutor's depth of understanding and skilful ability to transfer this into practical exercises makes this an outstanding workshop."

Mair Jones, Yoga Teacher

There will be a supportive online community for you where Amy will be available to answer your questions and where she will be supplying support material.

Policies & Procedures For the full course policies and terms & conditions please click here.


About the facilitator:

Amy Fergus Fuller

Amy is the YTF Anatomy Specialist.  She runs yoga rehab teacher trainings specifically looking at Knees, Shoulders, Abdominals and Feet.  Amy's teaching is informed by her personal experience of having a C-Section and she also runs specialist trainings for pre and post natal yoga teachers looking at the specific challenges of postnatal recovery.  Amy initially trained with the British Wheel of Yoga and is continually improving her knowledge of anatomy and physiology through working with specialist teachers both inside and outside the yoga world.