Workshop: Yoga Therapy for CFS, Burnout & Long Covid

Workshop Yoga Therapy for Chronic Fatigue-2

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Workshop: Yoga Therapy for CFS, Burnout & Long Covid

Date: Thursday 7 March 2024

Time: 1230-1430 GMT

Investment: £25

You will learn:

  • Cutting edge research on the long covid
  • Clear strategies for using breath work and yoga practices with students who are experiencing long covid & chronic fatigue
  • Yoga philosophy and practice for cfs, burnout & long covid
  • A simple practice you can implement with your students now
  • How yoga & breathwork can complement other modalities in supporting people with long term health issues related to covid

 This online workshop is for yoga therapists, yoga teachers and other practitioners supporting people with CFS, Burnout & Long Covid.


Please be aware that although practices shared have been helpful to people experiencing Long Covid Fiona and Nadyne are yoga professionals and not doctors.

Fiona Agombar

About the facilitator - Fiona Agombar

Fiona Agombar is an author and yoga therapist in the Viniyoga Tradition. She is accredited as an advanced teacher with the British Wheel of Yoga (BWY). Fiona is passionate about changing attitudes to those with fatigue conditions and describes herself as a Rest Activist. She specialises in teaching yoga for  CFS/ME, Burnout, stress and long-Covid and has set up teaching modules on stress and fatigue for Yoga Campus together with CPD training for the BWY.  Fiona was a key speaker for Global Yoga Therapy Day in August 2020 and a speaker at the Wellness After Covid Symposium in May 2021.  In March 2021 she contributed to the British Council of Yoga Therapy on guidelines for teaching those with long-Covid. She runs successful training for teachers on Burnout, CFS and Long-Covid with Sarah Ryan through Yoga Teachers Forum. Fiona has referrals for long-Covid from a major teaching hospital in the UK. She is the author of Beat Fatigue with Yoga (Cherry Red Books) and Yoga Therapy for Stress, Burnout and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (Singing Dragon).  Fiona is currently writing a book on Long Covid with Nadyne McKie.



About the facilitator - Nadyne McKie

Nadyne is a Yoga teacher and fully qualified Yoga Therapist, and runs a Breathing Therapy practice alongside a Physiotherapist in Tunbridge Wells, Kent.  She is founder of Mindful Movement Method.


Nadyne is studying for her Masters in Health Psychology, and her main area of research is long Covid.  She specialises in rehab and recovery for long Covid, and other long-term health conditions such as Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.  Breathing pattern disorders are often prevalent in these conditions, and Nadyne has first-hand experience of the power of the breath, and sees it as key to managing symptoms and supporting recovery.

Nadyne also works in acute mental health services with individuals experiencing chronic stress, trauma, anxiety and depression. Oxygen Advantage breathing techniques are an accessible way for people of all ages to make changes that impact their health by soothing and regulating the nervous system.

“I spent many years living in a state of chronic anxiety, holding my breath and re-living a fear response in my body. Learning about the breath and the impact this can have on the nervous system made lasting changes to my mental and physical health.  I really enjoy working with people to help them explore how something as simple as how we breathe can change our quality of life”.

Nadyne is fully insured and works online, and in person teaching to individuals and small groups. She teaches Mindful Movement Method classes online for long Covid, and also provides corporate companies with breathing workshops to combat stress, and online corporate classes for mental health and wellbeing.

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