Teaching Yoga Birth Preparation Workshops

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Dates: Mon 23 Jan - Mon 6 March (project week 13 Feb no live session)  2023. Time: 0930-1215 GMT (UK Time) 


Venue: Zoom.  

"I engage really well with Tessa’s teaching. The birth preparation workshop training is full of useful knowledge and information to help prepare pregnant students and their birth partners for the labour and birth. Lots of gems to take away as well as business information and how to set out the workshop when you come to teach it yourself."
Lucy Lock, Attendee Birth Preparation Workshop Training

A trauma-informed approach to teaching antenatal education, to be supportive of those who've experienced a challenging previous birth or other trauma and to prepare first time parents for navigating birthing options.  The hypnobirthing and relaxation content will be inclusive to include those who may experience intervention as part of their birth experience.  This course teaches how to be trauma-informed as an integral part of being a antenatal educator.

Do you want to do MORE to support those who are pregnant and their partners to have the right birth for them?

Would you like to have a steady income stream from delivering transformative workshops?

Are there gaps in your pregnancy yoga learning around the why and how of what we teach in relation to birth?

I am inviting you to a comprehensive training that covers how to create a birth preparation workshop including content AND the business and marketing skills to make it successful.

Course Outline:

In this course you will learn:

  • How to move from classes to couples workshops
  • How to create your high end workshop offering
  • The difference between running private, couples & group sessions
  • Business skills for marketing and administering your workshop, including templates
  • What to cover in a birth preparation workshop - essentials & options

By the end of this course you will have:

  • Co-created your own birth preparation workshop
  • Created a practical marketing strategy
  • Created your own workshop resources including hypnobirthing and yoga nidra tracks
  • Be in a position to run regular birth preparation workshops
  • Know how to fill your birth preparation workshops - enjoying the marketing process
  • Create a profitable income stream outside of your weekly classes

The training includes a 121 session with Tessa during the integration week to answer your specific questions, whether they be one the content of the course or on business skills.

This is a small group training so there will be ample opportunity to ask questions and to create a supportive hub of other pregnancy yoga teachers.


Mon 23 Jan: Week 1: Birth physiology (The nervous system, hormones and brain, Attracting clients)

Mon 30 Jan: Week 2: Role of the Birth Partner (Role of the birth partner, group dynamics with partners, pricing and money mindset)

Mon 6 Feb: Week 3: Birth physiology and anatomy (What does a physiological birth look like? , Sharing labour positions, Stages of labour, Compassionate boundaries)Week

Mon 13 Feb: Week 4: Project week (

Mon 20 Feb: Week 5: Birth preferences (Templates and  Q&A, Breathing techniques, Workshop administration)

Mon 27 Feb: Week 6: Anchoring the content through scenarios (Yoga scenarios and common interventions, Yoga nidra, Closing the workshop, Social media content)

Mon 6 March: Week 7: Postnatal content, Insurance, online considerations and marketing, Interventions revisited

Feedback from partners who've attended the workshops with Tessa:

10/10 "The workshop gave me more confidence about my ability to make choices and have our own views heard.  It gave me a lot of useful information about the role of the birth partner during the birth, to help maintain calm and act as an advocate." Alan

9/10 "A great chance to get my head ready for the birth; both practical suggestions for me as birth partner and a think about how to help my wife have a great birth." Chris

10/10 "A useful interactive workshop with lots of ideas and suggestions. Great to do it together. [What was most useful?] All of it!" Nathan

Please contact Tessa at hello@tessayoga.co.uk if you would like to book a free clarity call. If you would like more information on the training content, your suitability for the course or anything else about the training, don't hesitate to get in touch.

Fees: Full Price £595.   Payment plans are available to help you spread the investment.  Outside of London, the workshop you will be able to run is valued at £119 per couple.  If you run a workshop with five couples, you will have covered the investment of the training.

Once payment has been made you will be emailed confirmation with registration details for the course.

Course Certification

Your success in completing the Practical Birth Preparation for Couples Course will be celebrated with a Yoga Teachers Forum 50 CPD points certificate - FEDANT Accredited.

Once you have registered you will enrolment details.




Click HERE for 4 Month Payment Plan

Dates: Mondays 23 Jan - 6 March 2023  Time: 0930-1215 GMT(UK Time)  Venue: Zoom

* This course is accredited by the Federation of Antenatal Educators. (In the postgraduate ‘relative sector’/ CPD). On successful completion of the course, you will be able to apply for individual registration with FEDANT if you wish. The benefits include a listing on their website, access to publicity materials and the opportunity to have insurance through the organisation.

Feedback from Tessa's Pregnancy Teacher Training..

"Tessa..you are such a mine of information, thank you so much for sharing your expertise"

"Brilliant tips"

"I am loving all your knowledge"

Contact info@yogateachersforum.live-website.com for financial hardship discounts and payment plans.

This course is open to all yoga teachers with who are training in or would like to train in:

  • pregnancy yoga
  • postnatal yoga
  • doulas
  • midwives
  • professionals working with pregnant women and their partners.

"I was attracted to Tessa’s Birth Preparation Course as I was looking for something extra to be able to offer my pregnancy yoga clients. The course is a blend of hypnobirthing and active yoga poses which I can see appealing to second time parents and those not wanting to commit to a full hypnobirthing course.

Tessa is extremely knowledgeable and her friendly approach made this course a joy. It was also a fantastic opportunity to meet other pregnancy yoga teachers. Tessa delivered the training in the order in which the course would be delivered to clients, with additional time to ask questions and discuss the material. She provided copies of the resources she uses, enabling us to start teaching the content straight away. Her ongoing support has been invaluable when I have had a question or just wanted to run something past her.The thing I particularly liked about the course is the flexibility.

I found the content could be split into different units, which I have been able to offer to clients as bespoke packages. Some of my students were already completing hypnobirthing classes, and therefore did not feel they needed to revisit some of the topics. Instead, they were able to pick those which they felt would be useful and relevant to them and compliment their hypnobirthing classes. The resources provided have been great and there is the opportunity to record the scripts in your own voice and add/amend the materials to make them your own.

I have taught this course to a number of clients over zoom and have received good feedback from them."

Jess Evans, Attendee, Birth Preparation Workshop Training

  •  Policies & Procedures For the full course policies and terms & conditions please click here.
Tessa Sanderson

About the facilitator

Tessa has taught Pregnancy Yoga for 15 years and has 12,000+ teaching hours under her belt, including Well Woman and Mother & Baby Yoga, Restorative and Birth Preparation workshops.  She has taught yoga in four diverse cities: London, Southampton, Bristol and Reading. She is the author of Pearls of Birth Wisdom: An Inner Journey with Stories, Insights and Practices.
Tessa is a member of her local Maternity Voices Forum at the Royal Berkshire Hospital and runs the Everything Baby Berkshire network for antenatal and postnatal professionals.  She has a PhD in Medical Sociology and loves using balloons as props in her pregnancy classes. www.tessayoga.co.uk  IG@tessa.venuti.sanderson and @birth_wisdom_pearls
You can book a discovery call with Tessa by contacting her at hello@tessayoga.co.uk