Welcoming LGBT+ People in Yoga & Pregnancy Yoga

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Welcoming LGBT+ People in General & Pregnancy Yoga

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Date: Sun 26 June

Time: 1000-1600 GMT

Venue: Zoom

Cost Full Day: £70

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Morning Workshop:

Cost: £45

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Afternoon Workshop:

Cost: £40

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Praise for Gabi's workshops

LGBT+ Community Discount - please use code LGBT50 for a half price place on either workshop or both.

"A wonderful & informative workshop with plenty to discuss & learn for everyone - whether a part of, an ally to, or new to the idea of fostering yoga spaces for the safety & inclusion of LGBT+ community"

Sam Dyllon, Attendee, LGBT+ Inclusion in Yoga Workshop

"This course is exceptional. From the very beginning of the class, Gabi creates a safe and inviting space for yoga teachers to come together for the purposes of collaboration, education, and affirmation of our commitment to uplift and support the LGBTQ+ community. This class provides a wonderful way to deeply connect with the material and with one another. So grateful for this course!"

Francie Taylor, Attendee, LGBT+ Inclusion in Yoga Workshop

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Part 1 - Welcoming LGBT+ People in Yoga
10am-1pm GMT
As yoga teachers we want everyone to feel safe and supported in our classes, yet many LGBT+ people feel excluded, ignored, and uncomfortable in yoga classes. Or we leave a part of ourselves at the door when joining a class. If yoga is "the journey of the self, through the self, to the self" then we can only really experience yoga when we can bring our full selves into the practice. In this 3-hour workshop, Gabi will share her experience and expertise as an LGBT+ equity educator, activist, and yoga teacher and how you can create safer spaces for LGBT+ people in your classes.
Part 2 - Supporting LGBT+ People in Pre + Postnatal Yoga
2pm-4pm GMT
This new 2-hour addition to this training is specially for perinatal yoga teacher who want to know how to better support their LGBT+ pregnant and postnatal clients. We all know that families come in all shapes and sizes, but do you hold space for all types of families in your classes? Do your pregnancy, postnatal, or baby classes regularly welcome surrogates, pregnant trans men and non-binary people, or clients whose partners are women? These 2 additional hours will help you feel more confident supporting LGBT+ people who are growing their families.

At the end of these workshops you will:

  • Feel more confident supporting Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Pansexual, Transgender, Non-Binary, Intersex, Asexual, Queer and Questioning students in your classes
  • Understand the context of LGBT+ experiences in the UK (with some discussion of other country experience)
  • Be able to identify potential triggers for LGBT+ people in your classes
  • Know how to signpost your class as welcoming for the LGBT+ community
  • Understand how to be an ally for LGBT+ people within your classes, studios, and community
  • Understand the place for LGBTQA+ exclusive classes
  • Know the pathways to parenthood that many LGBT+ families go through and how that impacts their yoga practice*
  • Feel more confident talking about birth, the pelvic floor, and feeding in a way that is affirming to LGBT+ people*
  • Get practical tips and personalised feedback to make your classes more welcoming to the LGBT+ community*
*Only covered in part 2
This workshop will be taught through a body positive and intersectional lens. Space and time will also be given for discussion and Q+A
The afternoon workshop is only available to book individually if you have attended Gabi's 3-hour LGBT+ Inclusion in Yoga workshop previously (part 1).

About the facilitator - Gabi Parkham

Gabi has been practicing yoga since childhood and teaching for over 7 years. With a background in Musical Theatre, Gabi has run her "Voice and the Yoga Teacher" workshop for yoga teachers all around the world (through the power of zoom!).

Since coming out as bisexual aged 18, Gabi has been an active LGBT+ equity educator and consultant; leading LGBT+ trainings in schools, youth movements, for perinatal professionals, and for civil servants. In 2018 Gabi co-founded Laviot (www.laviot.org), a social and supportive community for LGBT+ Jewish women and non-binary people.

Gabi is passionate about finding equity and justice through yoga and making as many yoga classes as possible safer spaces for LGBT+ people. Yoga should be a space free from assumptions, micro aggressions, and discrimination.