Yoga Therapy for Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Burnout & Long Covid: Part 2

Yoga Therapy for Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Burnout & Long Covid: Part 2

Live training with Fiona Agombar & Sarah Ryan - all sessions will also be recorded.  

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Dates: This course begins on Thursday 28 April -

Time: 1200-1330 BST (UK Time)

You can also choose to watch recordings and interact with Fiona and Sarah via the online portal.

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Cost:  £175

This training includes the option to attend Fiona's live practice sessions on Mondays 1100-1200 BST and Wednesdays 1800-1900 BST

If you have not yet booked Part 1 you can do so here:

"Yoga Therapy for CFS, Burnout & Long Covid Part 1"

Praise for Fiona & Sarah's training "Yoga Therapy for Chronic Fatigue, Burnout & Long Covid" with YTF:

" was perfect pace and love this way of learning"

Samantha Patchell, Attendee March 2021

"A very enjoyable and informative course. I learned a lot and found it really interesting. I will definitely be able to use the knowledge and techniques for myself and for clients."

Emma Taylor, Attendee March 2021

I have loved every minute of the Yoga Therapy for CFS, Burnout & Long Covid course. The information delivered was incredibly good, providing a really good basis of understanding of the topic. The two tutors of Fiona and Sarah were incredible. Their delivery, pace and wealth of knowledge in this area is spot on. Each session went incredibly quickly and I feel well equipped to help my students who are suffering from CFS as well as those to come who may be showing signs of burnout and stress.

Karen Wilson, Attendee March 2021

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"For anyone wanting to work with those living with /suffering from CFS/ME, Long Covid or Burnout this course is such a great grounding. It points you to further information and includes up to date research. I love that accessible strategies are suggested and an individual approach and that the work can be used for others suffering from exhaustion./ needing to recover, such as those living with cancer. Reinforcing the need for rest, recuperation, self compassion and listening to your internal cues about what your body wants and needs."

A.C. Attendee "Yoga Therapy for CFS, Burnout & Long Covid Part 1

Course Outline:

Course Outline:

Yoga Therapy for Burnout, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Long-Covid Series Two

With Fiona Agombar and Sarah Ryan

This CPD training is accessible for everyone who has completed the Introductory course with Fiona and Sarah. (The recordings are still available you can purchase part one here).  In Part Two, you will discover more ways to harness energy for fatigue conditions such as exhaustion, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Burnout & Long Covid, together with a deeper understanding of the tools of yoga therapy and their application to healing.  In this course we look deeper into such topics as the chakras as energy centres, Long Covid and the breath, polyvagal theory and the role of the teacher in co-regulation.

In addition to the 5 live Thursday sessions (which will also be recorded for future reference) you will also have access to 8 live classes where you will see Fiona putting the content of the course into practice on Mondays 1100-1200 BST and Wednesdays 1800-1900 BST

Session One 

A deeper dive into Prana and the relationship to breath and our energy.

  • The five prānas – the great vayus - revision
  • The importance of working with apāna in fatigue states – revision
  • Understanding prana, samāna, udāna and vyāna and their relationship to energy flow.
  • An update on Long Covid, symptoms and the breath
  • The breath – more teaching tools on how we teach for those with Long Covid and extreme fatigue states – less is more.
  • Coming out of the hyperventilation pattern and what this looks like
  • Nitric Oxide – how we can increase it, what it does.
  • How we decrease inflammation 
  • The role of pronation in movement and breath for Long Covid
  • Offering choices
  • How to choose a bhavana and how to bring this into a practice
  • Practice with Fiona & Sarah

Session Two

  • An overview of Yoga therapy and fatigue 
  • A definition of yoga therapy
  • Definition of yoga (YS 1:2)
  • Kriya yoga 
  • Importance of Tapas and Svadhyaya, 
  • Isvana pranidhana and how this relates to health
  • Sources of disease according to yoga 
  • The klesha, 
  • Saṃyoga, attachment, identity etc.
  • The importance of mantra. 
  • The importance of choice in chanting
  • Practice with Sarah

Session Three 

  • A deeper explanation of all the chakras and fatigue
  • Fatigue and the importance of the first three chakras 
  • Practice including nyāsa – showing how nyāsa can increase feelings of safety

Session Four

  • How stress manifests in the student – breath, body, mind, speech
  • How the teacher can recognise signs of stress in the disembodied student – what we are looking for/ observation 
  • A trauma informed approach (revision and update)
  • Teaching the student how to listen to their body step by step – neuroception
  • Helping the student find a resource within the body/mind/panca maya kosha
  • The use of titration for the overwhelmed student
  • Our survival response
  • Teaching somatically (revision and update)
  • Avoiding the push-crash pattern and how to encourage this off the mat.
  • The importance of micro breaks and pacing (revision and update)
  • Giving the student agency – suggesting not instructing
  • The importance of the teaching voice and language
  • Practice

Session Five

  • Update on polyvagal theory.
  • Knowing our baseline – recognising the three states of our nervous system.
  • Understanding self-regulation and co-regulation
  • The role of the teacher in co-regulation for the student
  • Connection and holding space
  • Kindness, Self-compassion, and acceptance/non-resistance of the current experience.  Allowing everything to be as it is.  How the teacher can engender this.
  • Creating a safe space
  • Welcoming fatigue and symptoms as an opportunity for self-inquiry and spiritual investigation.
  • Internalised capitalism and how this encourages the push, achieve, doing scenario.
  • More on the importance of rest and convalescence 
  • Yoga as a very gentle approach, not focused on asana
  • The circle of care
  • How can we engender acceptance in someone who is battling illness?
  • Moving forward into recovery.  What next?
  • Q&A session/discussion
  • Practice with FionaIn addition to the 90 minute live sessions, there is a significant amount of both recorded material and written content.  Please allow for a minimum of 3 hours per week for the online content.  Attending the live element of the training is recommended and CPD Certification is provided on completion of all elements of the course.In each week you will have the opportunity to take part in yoga practice and there will be space for questions.

This course is Part 2 of the "Yoga Therapy for CFS, Burnout & Long Covid" training.  The first part is available to take in your own time:

"Yoga Therapy for CFS, Burnout & Long Covid" Part 1

Please be aware that although practices shared have been helpful to people experiencing Long Covid this is a relatively new condition and Fiona and Sarah are yoga professionals and not doctors.

Fiona Agombar
sarah and wind

About the facilitators:

Fiona Agombar is a yoga therapist and teacher in the Krishnamacharya Tradition and is accredited as an advanced teacher with the British Wheel of Yoga. She originally trained with the Yoga for Health Foundation in 2001. She has studied under Bill Feeney, Gill Lloyd, Sarah Ryan, TKV Desikachar, his son Dr Kausthub Desikachar and Adyashanti. She specialises in teaching yoga for fatigue conditions, including CFS/ME, burnout, stress and long-Covid. She set up teacher-training modules on stress and fatigue for Yoga Campus, which she ran for several years together with CPD days for the BWY. She was one of the key speakers for Global Yoga Therapy Day in August 2020 on exhaustion, overwhelm and burnout.  She now teaches online for those with fatigue and other health conditions. Fiona is the author of the books Beat Fatigue with Yoga (Cherry Red Books) and Yoga Therapy for Stress, Burnout and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, (Singing Dragon). Fiona has Lyme disease which she manages with yoga.

Sarah Ryan is a yoga student, teacher, trainer and therapist in the Viniyoga Tradition. She also studies, practises and teaches Vedic Chanting. She has been passionate about yoga for over 50 years, and has been in the Viniyoga tradition since 1987, when she started to study with Paul Harvey. In 2005 she asked Kausthub Desikachar to be her teacher. She was fortunate enough to be able to do the first Yoga Therapy course with Kausthub and his father TKV Desikachar, and continues to study with Kausthub. She teaches a class for people with MS, sees people individually for mentoring and teaching, in her home and online, as well as doing weekly online meditations, and teaching the beautiful ideas behind yoga practice to groups. She has long been interested in fatigue and how yoga can help, and has enjoyed working with Fiona very much.