Maternity Chakras Course

Maternity Chakras A Pathway for Pregnant Awakening Two Hour Teachers Workshop with Nadia Raafat Sunday 12 December 9-11am

Maternity Chakras: The Teachers Pathway

For Pre & Postnatal Yoga Teachers & Birth Professionals

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Dates: Sun 20, 27 March, 3 April 2022

Time: 0900-1130 GMT (UK Time) moving to BST from Sun 31 March

Cost: £345

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CPD/CE: 40 Hours with 8 hrs LIVE teaching & 15 hours of recorded content and support material.  Home study is expected as part of the training.

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All sessions will take place live and will also be recorded for all participants.

Feedback from attendees of Nadia's Trainings:
"Thank you so much for your offerings! I was so happy to be on your chakra course, it was such an intimate and empowering space, and I really had the feeling that all of your teachings and practices came from your heart <3"
E.X. Pregnancy Yoga Teacher, Attendee Maternity Chakras 
"I’ve been loving our Wednesday night sessions — thank you! Today’s heart chakra focused class felt wonderful! The more pregnant I become, the more the classes resonate with me week by week — it’s lovely! 
E.M. Attendee Maternity Chakras

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Course Outline: 

  • Discover the classical and modern teachings and practices of Chakra Yoga and learn how to apply Chakra Theory and practice to the Maternity Experience in this specialised professional training. 
  • Offer your students a clear holistic pathway through the pregnancy, birth and becoming mother/parent experience using the teachings and philosophy of the chakras.
  • Trivialised by the contemporary self-development movement, the chakras teachings offer much more besides colour-coded charts and affirmations.
  • You will learn ancient and modern chakra theory, how to access and work at the energy body level and how to apply chakra teachings and practices to the maternity experience so that you prepare your students in the best possible way for an empowered pregnancy,  birth and postnatal  experience.
  • Gain insights into space holding, pleasure practices and teachings to cultivate parental empowerment, navigating modern childbirth and how to bring a spiritual dimension to your pregnancy yoga teaching
  • Inspire your personal practice, your yoga teaching and the women you serve.

The ancient chakra system with its structures of subtle energy pathways and confluence of energy centres has informed yoga practice for millennia  It offers us all a truly holistic map to help us know ourselves fully and live freely.

The journey through the chakras is the Maternity journey of discovery and healing along the rainbow bridge — the metaphysical bridge that connects consciousness with matter; instinct with spirit. This journey has been travelled many times by yoginis but rarely in pregnancy.

And yet pregnancy is the journey from mystery to manifestation and from instinct to transcendence.  Pregnancy is transformational whether you like it or not. When consciousness is brought to the process, the transformation can be healing, empowering, integrated and stabilised. As the body expands and opens so does the heart, themind and awareness. Perceiving pregnancy and birth through the lens of the chakras enables deep insight into the multidimensional aspects of the experience and of the potential of yoga practice too.
Session 1: Intro Session - Yoga as Energy Practice, Classical & Modern History of the Chakras, The Maternal Chakra Expereince (recorded - with support material)
Session 2: Muladhara - The Pregnant Body: Beginnings & Endings (recorded with support material)
Session 3: Svadhisthana - Sexual Energy in Pregnancy & Birth (recorded with support material)
Session 4: Manipura - Maternal Power & Vulnerability - live and recorded
Session 5: Anahata - Strong of Heart: Cultivating Pregnant Community - live and recorded
Session 6: Vishuddha - Pregnancy Yoga: Articulating Silence - live and recorded
Session 7: Ajna - Preparing the Deep Mind for Labour - live and recorded
Session 8: Sahasrara - Birthing in a Spiritual Crisis - live and recorded
Session 9: Integration - The Path of Manifestation- live and recorded
"I loved the course, what a wonderful experience and sangha you created, via zoom no less. It was nurturing and nourishing and wonderful to connect with other expectant mamas in these strange times. I feel much more confident and I really noticed the shift from trepidation to excitement for my upcoming birth growing each week of the course. The penultimate class on the third eye with all of the breath work and meditation ushered me into experiencing a real sense of calm and readiness for motherhood and birth."
JG Yoga Teacher, Attendee Maternity Chakras
The training will give you mixture of theoretical background and practical exploration including yoga, movement and meditation so that you can experience how the journey through the chakras can positively impact the experience of pregnancy and birth for your clients. 
See class schedule for individual workshops - £40 to attend each week independently.
If you book onto the full course 75% live attendance is expected and sessions will also be recorded for future reference.

At the end of the training, you will receive Certificate of Attendance from Yoga Teachers Forum.


About the facilitator - Nadia Rafaat:

Nadia is a senior yoga and meditation teacher, trained in a variety. of yoga and meditation traditions and disciplines: Hatha, Yin, Mindfulness, Yoga Nidra, and Hypnosis. She is a perinatal specialist  (Pregnancy, Birth Prep, Postnatal, Baby Yoga,), a pelvic health specialist, childbirth educator and doula with over 15 years experience in the field. 
Nadia is the producer of Yoga and Mindfulness for Pregnancy & Birth DVD and Online and In-person Course which has been taught to 1000s and has devised and directs the Yoga & Mindfulness for Pregnancy & Birth 100 Hour Teacher Training Programme. Nadia is also a former journalist, a mother of 4 and lives in Kingston, London.