Menstrual Cycle Therapeutics: 4 Week Course

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"Loved this truly supports the practise of self love ...the more we understand ourselves to more compassion we can show ourselves .The course gives us a better understanding of how we can care for ourself better during each of the different season."



Course Outline:

There is so much more to yoga for the menstrual cycle than not doing inverted poses when you have your bleed.  Practicing yoga with an understanding of the subtle changes of the cycle can revolutionise your practice and that of your students.  Period yoga is a practice which can open up new pathways to students regardless of whether they have a monthly bleed (it can even be beneficial to men). Maybe you find that having your bleed is a huge inconvenience to your teaching.  Or perhaps you have wondered where your bleeds have gone and whether yoga practice can help to bring them back.  Maybe you have students who are experiencing issues specifically related to their bleed.   This course will look at all of these issues and more but within the context of the whole menstrual cycle and life cycle.

  • Week 1:  Inner Spring: In this session you will be introduced to the full menstrual cycle with a particular focus on inner spring.  Inner spring will be looked at from the perspective of menarche (the first bleed) and practices for the section of the menstrual cycle after the bleed.  We will walk through breathing, meditation, relaxation and physical practices that connect with this part of the cycle.  You will also be introduced to concepts that you can share with your students to use "off the mat"


  • Week 2:  Inner Summer: This is the time in a woman's life and in the menstrual cycle which is most recognised. The time of heightened fertility, when a woman often feels her most beautiful and attractive.  In all people the height of summer can also be a time of exuberance but also we can sometimes over do things.  In the UK in late June there are very few ours of darkness and that can encourage us to fill every hour of the day.  In this session we will look at how we show up in both inner and outer summer and the yoga practices we can use to support this time in the menstrual cycle.  An understanding of the fluctuations of the menstrual cycle can also help women who are looking to re-establish a more regular menstrual cycle and who are facing stress in connection to their cycle.


  • Week 3:  Inner Autumn: This is the most talked about and recognised part of the menstrual cycle outside of the bleed itself.  But how well is it understood?  We may hear jokes about PMT - and some people who experience extreme symptoms at this time may find these jokes less than funny.  Is there any redeemable feature of this time in the menstrual cycle?  You may be surprised to learn that there most definitely is and that some women who have grown to love their cycle find this part to be their favourite.  This week will give you the opportunity to learn practices that support the pre-menstrum - including practices that have been used to prevent period pains if practiced before the bleed - but also empowering practices to support the "get things done and don't take any sh*t attitude" that can come at this time of the bleed.  This time in the menstrual cycle also equates to the perimenopause!


  • Week 4:  Inner Winter: Rest, rest, rest...and don't do headstands!  Is that the only message there is from the inner winter?  Most definitely not.  There is so much more to the bleed time than rest (although it is pretty important). In this week's session we will look into how we can honour the winter of our cycle and ensure that our practice and teaching is safe for students who are experiencing their bleed.
If you thought there was more to periods than the bleed time and more to yoga than contra-indications then YOU ARE RIGHT!
Practicing Period Yoga blew apart what I originally thought yoga could be and I have never looked back!
Come and join me and Jane Dancey for this transformative 4 week programme.
Those aspects of the course which do not involve personal sharing will be recorded for those who are unable to attend any parts live.  All sharing from participants will remain private within the group.
Julia Davis
Jane Dancey

About the facilitators

Julia Davis is a yoga teacher and mentor. Her area of expertise is women’s health - specifically supporting women through menarche - as tweens and teens, fertility, menstrual issues, peri-menopause, menopause and post menopause. She trains yoga teachers so they can safely care for women in their classes and feel comfortable with using appropriate anatomy terms while teaching. Her trainings and classes are open to all. She is also a yoga & menstruality mentor and works with yoga teachers to help them to realise their professional dreams through following their hearts path in a practical and professional way.  Her work is informed by Alexandra Pope and Sjanie Hugo Wurlitzer's RED SCHOOL & Uma Dinsmore Tuli's Yoni Shakti as well as many other influences from the world of embodiment, yoga & tantra.

Julia is the Founder of Yoga Teachers Forum and is passionate about bringing yoga teachers together to learn, share and support each other. She is an advocate of “listening partnerships” and has found the partnership she has very supportive in her own journey as a mother and sole practitioner.

She teaches in person and online classes at

You can contact Julia about training and mentoring opportunities at


Jane Dancey Embodiment Coach, somatic yoga teacher, Rites of Passage facilitator and mum to one teen girl. Supporting women through all stages of life from puberty to menopause and beyond. 

Jane runs The Embodied Female Pelvis Course where she supports women of all ages to cultivate health, vitality and reconnection to this powerful part of themselves. 

She offers workshops, courses and one2one sessions around pleasure, power, purpose and sexuality, coming from a gentle and trauma-informed perspective, using embodied and somatic movement, breathwork and visualization. 

She has 15 years experience of facilitation and yoga teaching.