Pre & Postnatal Programme

Prenatal Yoga Summer Programme Continued Professional Development for Pregnancy Yoga Teachers-3

Pre & Postnatal Programme

Biomechanics of Birth, Pelvis in Pregnancy & Birth Trauma

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Each module will be released on a weekly basis as follows:

Module 1 -  Biomechanics in Birth

Module 2 - Pelvis in Pregnancy

Module 3 - Birth Trauma

Cost: £65

Tessa will be available throughout the training to answer your questions.

Full access to training will be available for 1 year (this is a pre-recorded online training).

Tessa will be on hand to answer your questions throughout the training.

Feedback from attendees of Tessa's Trainings:

"I really enjoyed this workshop.... I liked Tessa's examples ...Tessa guided some great visualisations ....I left feeling resourced and inspired with plenty of new material to explore in classes." Amba Cooper- The Pelvis in Pregnancy

"I did enjoy it, very much.  Many thanks for sharing your experiences and knowledge, and for providing a stimulating forum for discussion." Una Bentley - Biomechanics of Birth




10 Hour CPD Certification Summer Programme with Tessa Sanderson.
Module 1 - Biomechanics in Birth
In this training you will learn how to:
  • decrease pressure on the pelvic floor through positions & breathing
  • incorporate breathing and movement practices to support the natural biomechanics of birth
  • understand the impact of an increasing number of birth professionals wanting to be able to see the perineum in birth
  • empower choice of birth positions through education with regard to optimal birth positions for birth
Module 2 - The Pelvis in Pregnancy: An Embodied Approach
This module will give you an embodied experience of working with the pelvis during pregnancy.  You will:
  • experience different visualisations and exercises that you can share with your students
  • learn how to use these practices with your students
  • discuss the most recent evidence based advice with regard to working with the pelvic floor during pregnancy
  • practical techniques you can implement in your classes
Module 3 - Challenging & Traumatic Births 
In this training you will discover:
  • Where to signpost your clients for support, if this wasn't done by the hospital or GP
  • How to recognise the signs of trauma and how someone may present in class if they have experienced trauma? (eg occasionally someone may appear calm and to be coping but may be 'going through the motions' and in a state of parasympathetic shut down)
  • How and when to teach your client with birth trauma how to self-regulate their nervous system, without overwhelming or re-traumatising
  • What to suggest if it's the birth partner that is experiencing flashbacks or other symptoms of trauma
  • How to get external support to help you avoid compassion fatigue or secondary trauma

When you can offer women in your classes or in 121s a safe space to be with their experience, acknowledge it and work gently with them, sharing practices in manageable steps, they will come to your classes long-term and recommend you to others.  You can create a very special community.

In this training, you will learn:

  • the prevalence of birth trauma, including for BAME groups, and whether this has increased during the pandemic
  • about the current services available for those who've experienced birth trauma
  • how the nervous system responds to trauma and triggers
  • why the freeze response is sometimes mistaken as consent
  • about an introduction to the foundations of trauma-sensitive yoga for this client group
  • why as yoga teachers we can offer valuable support for body-based healing and as an adjunct to talking therapies
  • to use choice and collaboration in the yoga practices used for anyone with experience of trauma
  • about further resources and what the next steps would be.

Miscarriage & Stillbirth 

You will learn how to :

  • assess the presentation of and signs of trauma
  • how to break the cycle between activation of the sympathetic nervous system (flight/ fight) and freeze
  •  reflect on your ability to hold space for someone's emotion and create compassionate boundaries for you and your client
  • conduct a listening partnership - the importance of witnessing and acknowledging trauma (but knowing our boundaries - we are not offering a talking therapy as yoga teachers)
  • how to introduce embodied and needs-led practice
  • to consider the postnatal needs of someone who has experienced stillbirth and how to be sensitive to the impact of miscarriage in pregnancy classes
  • practices, including centring and utilising the senses
  • about further resources and what the next steps would be

For those who experience a traumatic birth, miscarriage or stillbirth, trauma can have far reaching consequences for their quality of life.  There is still a strong narrative that mothers (and partners) should just get on with life because these things happen.  Whether someone is coming to a general class and you want to be aware of how to work in a trauma-informed way or you want to offer specific services around birth trauma, this online will provide an invaluable introduction.

These trainings are a great way to ensure you have current knowledge to support your pre and postnatal yoga students.  Study in your own time knowing Tessa is on hand to answer your questions.
Tessa Sanderson

About the facilitator - Tessa Sanderson:

Tessa has taught Pregnancy Yoga for 15 years and has 12,000+ teaching hours under her belt, including Well Woman and Mother & Baby Yoga, Restorative and Birth Preparation workshops.  She has taught yoga in four diverse cities: London, Southampton, Bristol and Reading. She is the author of Pearls of Birth Wisdom: An Inner Journey with Stories, Insights and Practices.
Tessa is a member of her local Maternity Voices Forum at the Royal Berkshire Hospital and runs the Everything Baby Berkshire network for antenatal and postnatal professionals.  She has a PhD in Medical Sociology and loves using balloons as props in her pregnancy classes.  IG@tessa.venuti.sanderson and @birth_wisdom_pearls