Welcoming LGBT+ People in Pregnancy Yoga


Welcoming LGBT+ People in Pregnancy Yoga

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Date: Thursday 10 Feb

Time: 1300-1500 GMT

Venue: Zoom

Cost: £40

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Praise for Gabi's workshops

"A wonderful & informative workshop with plenty to discuss & learn for everyone - whether a part of, an ally to, or new to the idea of fostering yoga spaces for the safety & inclusion of LGBT+ community"

Sam Dyllon, Attendee, LGBT+ Inclusion in Yoga Workshop

"This course is exceptional. From the very beginning of the class, Gabi creates a safe and inviting space for yoga teachers to come together for the purposes of collaboration, education, and affirmation of our commitment to uplift and support the LGBTQ+ community. This class provides a wonderful way to deeply connect with the material and with one another. So grateful for this course!"

Francie Taylor, Attendee, LGBT+ Inclusion in Yoga Workshop

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Course Outline:

We all know that families come in all shapes and sizes, but do you hold space for all types of families in your pregnancy yoga classes? Do your pregnancy classes regularly welcome surrogates, pregnant trans men or non-binary people, or clients whose partners are women? You might not even know if LGBT+ are in your class if they don't feel safe to come out.


As yoga teachers we want everyone to feel safe and supported


As yoga teachers we want everyone to feel safe and supported in our classes, yet many LGBT+ people feel excluded, ignored, and uncomfortable in mainstream yoga classes - particularly pregnancy yoga. Lots of yoga teachers say that they want their classes to be inclusive but if LGBT+ people aren't turning up, there is probably a reason why. In this 2-hour workshop, Gabi will share her experience and expertise as an LGBT+ equity educator, activist, and pregnancy yoga teacher and how you can create a safer space for LGBT+ people in your pregnancy classes.


This workshop will be taught through a body positive and intersectional lens.


If you have attended Gabi's 3-hour LGBT+ Inclusion in Yoga workshop before that will be a fantastic foundation for this work but it is not a prerequisite. This workshop will not cover terminology, identity, allyship, and the general experiences of LGBT+ people in the UK as there isn't time and it is all covered in the 3-hour workshop.

About the facilitator - Gabi Parkham:

Hi, I'm Gabi!  My pronouns are she/her.  I'm a queer, vegan, intersecrional feminist, yoga teacher and co-director of www.laviot.org
I teach accessible yoga for all genders, ages, body types, backgrounds - all people!
I am lucky enough to lead yoga workshops and events all around the UK as well as teaching weekly yoga classes in Brigthon in a variety of styles. I want t​o share my love of yoga and its amazing benefits with as many people as possible.
I run various workshops for the LGBTQA+ community and allies both in person and online.
My next Welcoming LGBT+ People in Yoga workshop for the YTF will take place this coming June.