Shoulder Rehab for Yoga Teachers & Movement Professionals


Shoulder Rehab for Yoga Teachers

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Date: Mon 10 Oct 2022

Time: 1930-2130 GMT 

Venue: Online via Zoom

Cost: £35

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"I enjoyed the ...course with Amy so much. She is an excellent presenter - she was engaging, informative, knowledgeable and is so obvious she enjoys what she is teaching that it felt more like a sharing than just a teaching experience.

I could relate to the course information both on a personal level and with my yoga business and will be able to apply what I learned straightaway in my next class - exercise, cues, adaptations."

Wendy Salmon, Attendee, Anatomy Training June 2021

This workshop will be recorded for all attendees - so you can attend live and or watch later - all support material provided.








"Amy made the anatomy of the shoulder and muscles really easy to grasp. The examples of what to look for when a student moved their shoulders and the exercises/modifications we can employ to help correct shoulder movement were revelatory. I was really enthused by her explanations of the role of our muscles in 
breathing and how using the muscles correctly strengthened our body." 
Margaret Sorah, Attendee, Shoulder Rehab Jan 2022

Course Outline:

We have all experienced the feeling of holding the weight of the world on our shoulders. This is something we can address both physically and emotionally through yoga practice.

In this workshop you will:

  • Learn how the shoulder connect to the rest of the body
  • How to regain shoulder movement after injury
  • Discover what is within your remit as a yoga teacher and when and how to refer to medical professionals and how to get referrals and look after people safely
  • Learn how to release tension in the shoulders through breathwork, movement and relaxation practices

By the end of this workshop you will have increased your confidence and skill set to both care for your student's shoulders and maintain your own personal wellbeing while teaching.

This event will take place via zoom and recorded for life time access.

Feedback from Amy's Anatomy Trainings

"Amy .. has a vast knowledge of this subject & her style of teaching comes across so well. I will be rewatching the training & making some more notes to truly digest everything she covered. Perfect balance of theory & practical. Already used some of her techniques in classes this week. Thank you for a great online course!

K.A Attendee Knee Rehab

"Great workshop, very knowledgeable tutor I will use this for myself and students."  J.C Attendee Knee Rehab June 2021


About the facilitator:

Amy Fergus-Fuller specialises in rehab in yoga with specific focus on shoulder, abdominal and knee rehab. She runs various anatomy trainings and c-section specific workshops focusing on healing the scar and helping women and teachers to understand what big differences there are for those women who have had a c-sections.  Amy has trained with many teachers and originally qualified with the British Wheel of Yoga.