Summer Solstice Yoga Nidra June 2023

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What you loved about the Yoga Nidra for Spring Equinox & Winter Warmer:

"I would like to give thanks to Julia and to the brilliant Yoga Nidra sharers.  It has been deeply nourishing at all levels" Erika Tourell, Attendee Yoga Nidra for Spring Equinox

"I am just thinking how profound the whole experience was with the cumulative effect of the multiple yoga nidrasTaking part online it felt inclusive and open" Cheryl Chapman, Attendee Yoga Nidra for Spring Equinox

It was perfect! I can’t wait to come to the next one. Thank you for holding this perfect space” Tara

The me time was very precious. Space time and warmth. Thank you very much.” Sam Goodwin

"It feels like it was a real luxury. It was so lovely to switch off and focus on ourselves.Julie Bogush

Join us for an afternoon of Yoga Nidra creations designed to bring to you the gifts of summer.

Whether you choose to attend online via zoom using the link below of in person at Finchley Yoga Studio you will receive the audio recordings of each yoga nidra to keep.  (the recordings will be made in studio so the quality will reflect a live recording using zoom)

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1215 Please arrive 15 mins before the start at 1230 if coming in person to Finchley Yoga Studio

1230 Welcome Circle

1245 Yoga Nidra with Erika Tourell

Erika Tourell has been a yoga student working as a holistic therapist for over thirty five years and has been teaching yoga for twenty five years. She is a mentor, integrative coach, ceremonialist and facilitates tantra sessions for couples, holds seasonal rituals, women's moon circles and transformational retreats. Her passion is to support and empower women and couples to connect to their body wisdom, to find and speak their authentic truth, embody their gifts and grow in confidence and joyful living.

1330 Yoga Nidra: Letting Go - with Lucie Ormerod

The practice of yoga is a constant journey of self  inquiry. Through practicing yoga nidra we are able to become aware of, and therefore let go of old patterns. Old hurts, experiences and memories can gently be released as we move into a more joyful and integrated space.

Lucie has over 25 years experience in the fields of wellbeing and complementary therapies.  She is a member of the Guild of Complementary Practitioners, the Register of Exercise Professionals, and a registered with Yoga Alliance.  She has studied yoga to aid with mobility and physical health issues, which includes yoga for chronic fatigue and ME, as well as accessible chair yoga.  I have been working on NHS retreats since 2020, specialising in supporting people who are experiencing burnout and trauma.

1415  Break

1430 A Yoga Nidra with Leela Miller

With over 35 years of teaching experience, she is a pioneer, educator, innovator and integrator. Unbeknownst to many, Leela Miller was instrumental in the latest wave of yoga which began in the 1980s. Already a teacher for six years, Leela segued from Sivananda to Ashtanga yoga in 1992. Shortly thereafter she began teaching Trudie Styler who in turn introduced her to Madonna who in turn introduced her to Gwyneth Paltrow, all of whom she taught regularly for many years.  Leela loves yoga nidra for its inherent creativity, and its gentle and powerful ability to facilitate access to deeper levels of the mind.

1515 Closing Circle

1530  Yoga Nidra afternoon concludes.

Your Host: Julia Davis

Julia is Founder of Yoga Teachers Forum.  She runs trainings in Yoga Nidra & Circle Holding, Perimenopause Yoga is co-founder of The State of Birth Symposium and loves to mentor yoga teachers to take the step from yoga teacher to CPD educator.  Yoga Teachers Forum welcomes yoga teachers from all backgrounds to continue their education.

If you would rather attend this event in person you can do so using this link or book using the REGISTER HERE button and email to confirm you are attending in person.

Finchley Yoga

The in person event will take place at Finchley Yoga (Maple Close Finchley N3 1AS - nearest tube West Finchley , parking Hamilton Way) and live via zoom - all details can be found with booking - in person places limited to 12.

The Charity Depaul will receive £20 for every full price ticket.

Contact for financial hardship discounts and payment plans for our training courses.

* please note that this event is not CPD/CE training

For the full course policies and terms & conditions please click here.


About Your Winter Warmer Host:

Julia Davis

Julia is founder of Yoga Teachers Forum.  She co-created and teaches "Yoga for Perimenopause" & "Yoga Nidra & Circle Holding" for the forum.  She hosts regular "Yoga Teacher Circles" both for the wider Yoga Teaching Community and for Yoga Teachers who run training courses.  She mentors yoga teachers and helps them create the classes and trainings they would love to bring to the wider community and yoga teaching community.  Julia also specialises in Women's Health Therapy.   Her influence as wide and varied and she honours all of the teachers & students who have supported and continue to support her on her teaching path.