In Person Training

Welcome to Yoga Teachers Forum,

Continued Education for yoga teachers from all backgrounds.  Wherever you took your first step into yoga teaching we are here to support you as you continue your learning journey.  While our online training is available to you wherever you are in the world our in person training currently takes place in our bespoke yoga studio in North London.

* Contact us at if you are facing financial hardship & would like to attend any of our events & trainings


Yoga Nidra for Spring Equinox

Dates: Fri 24 March 2023

Time: 0930-1300  GMT  Venue: Zoom (and Finchley Yoga)

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Peri/Menopause Yoga Facilitator Training

Dates: Fridays 21 April - 12 May 2023

Time: 1000-1600  Venue: Finchley Yoga, 1 Maple Close, Finchley N3, London

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